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Hiking and trekking Slovenia tours

Join trekking Slovenia tours across Julian alps

Our professional and licensed guides will take you on the best hiking Slovenia tours to the amazing places across the Julian alps.

Julian Alps are listed as top 3 most beautiful places in Slovenia. Our hiking and trekking Slovenia tours are your once in a lifetime chance to make unique memories in the heart of Triglav national park. The possibilities are limitless and the views are breath-taking, so join our Slovenian tours and enjoy Slovenia.

Mountains in the northwest part of Slovenia are divided into eastern, Slovenian, Italian, and Western parts. The wild, rocky landscapes with unusual karst formations are exchanging with grassy hills, full of flowers that often reach the highest peaks. The crystal-clear rivers, which are still carving many picturesque gorges, run in the valleys surrounded by mountain peaks. Beautiful mountain lakes and romantic waterfalls are waiting you to visit. Join us on the Julian Alps hiking tour and discover this high mountain world.

Valley of seven Triglav Lakes

Valley of seven Triglav Lakes

The valley is 8 kilometers long, where all seven lakes are located in the heart of the Triglav National Park. On the Julian Alps trekking tour we will hike further along the length and as well as altitude and discover all 7 lakes one by one.

First, we see the Črno Lake, then we move towards to the Dvojno Lake and on the way up we see a Veliko Lake and Zeleno Lake. On the Julian Alps trekking tour, we will also visit the famous Triglav Lakes mountain hut, located next to Dvojno Lake.

Pokljuka plateau

Pokljuka is 20 kilometers long mountain plateau at an average height of 1300 meters and because in excellent trekking tour in Slovenia. It stretches west of Bled towards Triglav. The significant part of the plateau is covered with gigantic spruce forests.

On the western edge, the Pokljuka plateau rises to a 2000-meter high mountain range. The Julian Alps hiking trail also includes a wonderful sightseeing tour along the eastern edge of the Triglav mountain chain, which borders on Pokljuka in the north and falls with steep cliffs to the Krma Valley.

Radovna Valley

Trekking Slovenian Alps is exciting because it also takes us to fairly undiscovered areas of the Triglav National Park. Among them is Radovna Valley that lies between the plateau of Pokljuka and Mežakla and is great trekking tour. At the end of the valley, the Radovna River flows through the famous Vintgar Gorge and later descends into the Šum Waterfall.

Vrata Valley and the Peričnik Waterfall

The Vrata Valley extends from Mojstrana and Dovje village to the foothills of the Triglav northern slope. The valley represents a popular starting point for all hikers, who ascend to Mount Triglav.

Along the way through the Vrata Valley, the Julian Alps hiking tour will take us to the Peričnik Waterfall. The picturesque waterfall falls 53 meters deep into the valley. Peričnik Waterfall is especially glorious in winter when it turns into an icy kingdom and creates wonderful ice candles.

Zelenci springs

The Zelenci nature reserve is located halfway between Kranjska Gora and Rateče. The Julian Alps trekking tour takes us through the natural park, where the biggest attraction is the lake that will impress you with its emerald green color.

Here, the Sava Dolinka River finds its way to the surface. Zelenci springs are also beautiful in winter for trekking tour when their green color comes out in the snowy white surroundings and snowy mountain peaks in the background.

Vršič mountain pass

Hiking Slovenian Alps tour also includes a ride on the highest mountain pass in Slovenia, which measures 1600 meters. The road runs from Kranjska Gora across the Vršič mountain pass where on the other side descends to Trenta.

At every turn, you will have a chance to see the magnificent Razor and Prisojnik mountains and the majestic Škrlatica mountain in the east. Here, the Julian Alps hiking tour will lead us to the Russian Chapel, to the natural window in the Prisojnik mountain, and to the famous stone face of Heathen Maiden (Ajdovska deklica).

Krnica Valley and Lake Jasna

The Krnica Valley is a 6-kilometer-long alpine valley, which begins a few kilometers outside the town of Kranjska Gora. The Julian Alps hiking trail through Krnica Valley starts at Lake Jasna. Around the lake, there is a path with piers and a viewing platform. In front of the lake stands the famous bronze statue of the alpine ibex.

From Lake Jasna, the pathway through Krnica Valley continues along the Velika Pišnica stream. The valley is on all sides surrounded by massive mountain walls. The Julian Alps hiking trail continues to the mountain hut of Krnica, which stands at an altitude of 1113 meters. From here, there are wonderful views of the mountains, whose altitude exceeds two thousand meters. These are the mighty mountains of Škrlatica, Prisojnik, Križ and Špik mountain.

Lake Predil

The Predil Lake or the Raibl Lake is located near the Slovenian border, about 10 kilometers south of the town of Tarvisio in Italy. The Julian Alps hiking tour takes you to the alpine glacial valley, where Lake Predil lies at 1000 meters above sea level.

Lake Predil rests between steep, forested mountain slopes. It is also declared as a natural reserve. Above the small islet in the middle of the Lake Predil, stands the picturesque Mount Jerebica.

Soča River Valley

The Soča River springs in the Trenta Valley, at the foothills of the mighty mountains. From here on, this emerald green-blue river flows through the Upper and Lower Soča Valley, that are also part of the Julian Alps trekking tour. The Soča River has formed many deep and narrow gorges, canyons, and emerald water pools.

Hiking Slovenian Alps tour also leads along the Path of Peace, connecting the important historical remains of the battles of the Isonzo, which during the First World War took place in the mountains on both sides of the Soča Valley. The Upper Soča Valley is known to all sports lovers who, in the rapids of the Soča River, found the perfect spot for adrenaline water sports, such as rafting, kayaking, and canyoning.

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