Rock climbing in Slovenia

There is general belief that rock climbing is not for everyone. We prove them wrong.

We believe you can and should try some level of rock climbing, since Slovenia has over 90 natural rock climbing areas with remarkable views. That is why you should give us a chance and join our rock climbing Slovenia tours.

Climbing in Slovenia is a very popular adventure activity, during your active holidays. It is safe, with a guide you can trust.

Rock climbing Slovenia represents one of the most enjoyable sports activities which takes place in beautiful Slovenian nature. This activity is popular because it offers a lot of exciting moments when being completely safe at the same time. As climbers reach the top, they can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

Rock climbing Slovenia is a well-developed sport that every year attracts more and more people who want to conquer techniques and attend a unique self-test offered by natural and protected rocky walls. The geographical diversity of the country is the reason that a suitable dry rock wall can be found in all seasons. This is also true in the winter months when the temperatures in the lowlands reach several degrees below zero.

Rock climbing in Slovenia near Lake Bled

Features of rock climbing Slovenia

Slovenian climbers began to equip and secure natural walls more intensively in the 1970s when this sport gained popularity. Thus, natural rock walls were protected with special equipment, which is permanently installed in the rock and withstands tonal shifts. This is how they formed many routes throughout the country.

Rock climbing in Slovenia offers between 100 to 150 natural landscaped climbing areas and about 6000 equipped routes. Among the first equipped routes were the Dovžan Gorge in Upper Carniola region and areas on the Karst edge:

  • Osp
  • Črni kal
  • Mišja peč

The Osp and Mišja peč natural walls in the Karst area are very popular amongst all climbers. Mišja peč offers about 200 routes, which are between 9 and 40 meters high, and their difficulty range from 5b to 9a. Easier routes are located on the far left and right side of the wall. More demanding routes that challenge even top climbers are located on the overhanging central part. On the Osp wall, there are extra 550 routes with difficulty ranging between 3 to 9a.

Climbing areas for beginners, in spring and autumn, are located in a more hot and dry geographical area. Among them, we consider areas in Črni Kal, Vipava, Vipavska Bela and Vransko.

Rock climbing holidays during the summer months are more enjoyable in the embrace of forests and trees. Such areas that offer plenty of shade and pleasant temperatures are located in the Styria and Savinjska region with Kotečnik and Čreta walls. Best areas during the summer months in the Upper Carniola region are located near Lake Bled, in the Bohinj area, and throughout the Triglav National Park.

Rock climbing Slovenia in the Triglav National Park

In the Triglav National Park, there are eight natural climbing areas, where the difficulties of the routes range from the easiest (3) to the most demanding ones (8c +). Rock climbing Slovenia in the Julian Alps, thus, offers the following areas:

  • In the Trenta Valley a famous wall extends next to the Soča River. Two boulders are equipped with 27 directions, suitable for both beginners and experienced climbers.
  • The area in Radovna Valley is located on the eastern slope of the Pokljuka plateau. Access to the area is quite demanding. Steep access leads to 15 routes, with the length of 14 to 25 meters.
  • The Blažec rock wall is located above the village of Dovje and offers views of the Vrata Valley. It is suitable for experienced climbers because it has long directions and more pitches. There are 25 routes with the length of 18 to 80 meters.
  • The high mountain pass Vršič offers a natural rock wall with 35 routes, which are between 18 to 100 meters long.
  • Peč is located near Lake Bohinj, in the massif of the Rudnica hill, dividing the lower and upper Bohinj Valley. There are 56 routes, suitable for beginners and experienced climbers.
  • Rock climbing Slovenia also offers a climbing area in Bohinj, which lies next to Lake Bohinj, not far from Bled. There are 107 directions of all difficulty levels that are suitable for both beginners and experienced climbers. Rock climbing holidays in the Bohinj area offer diverse adventures in 16 different rock climbing walls. After a long climb, climbers can refresh in the Lake Bohinj.
Rock climbing in Bohinjska Bela near Bled
Holding on rock in Slovenia Historical route

Rock climbing Slovenia in Bohinjska Bela

Bohinjska Bela is located between Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled and is only 5 kilometers away from Bled. From the church in Bohinjska Bela climbers can set out on three different walls. Walking there takes about 10 minutes.

One of them lies under the overhanging rock Iglica, which is best known for its site Stara Bela, that belongs to the upper-quality class among climbing areas in this region. Besides Iglica, there are two natural walls in Bohinjska Bela: Nova Bela and Kupljenik.

Since the walls are fronting on all sides, the season is available throughout the year. These walls have flat and vertical plates with an indentation rock, which rapidly dries after the rain. The Nova Bela rock climbing wall is suitable for ascending in the late spring, summer, and autumn.

The Stara Bela is suitable for climbing in the spring and autumn, but also in dry and sunny winter months. Bohinjska Bela has 79 different routes, with the length between 8 and 33 meters. The difficulty of the routes is between 3 and 8c +. Yet, most routes are quite easy and thus suitable for beginners and active families with children.

Rock climbing holidays in Bohinjska Bela are a wonderful experience for everyone, regardless of their age or experience. Everyone can climb. There are also more and more schools, where they provide with guided lessons and one-day courses, where climbers can test their skills.

There are also beginner courses for children, known as climbing kindergartens. These are completely undemanding routes, where children learn the basic techniques on the Zajček, Ježek and Speedy Gonzales rock wall. There is also initial training for seniors and advanced courses for more experienced climbers. Qualified professionals help their students to recognize the natural features of the wall, how to use cracks and shelves, and how to search for natural gripes.

Climbing 3 Routes

Rock climbing in Slovenia with professional guides

At the initial course, trainees learn:

  • Basics of techniques
  • Knots, safeguarding and abseiling
  • Handling with the equipment

The purpose of the course is to teach trainees rope maneuvers so that they can later independently climb on equipped natural walls. The qualified instructors help trainees to overcome the fear of heights and to gain more skills. After the course, the participants can safely climb in the lead, know how to tie a knot at the top of the route and rappel on a rope.

Equipment rental

If you would like to experience other rock climbing Slovenia routes, that are scattered all over the country, then you can use the guidebook from where you will find out where natural walls are located. In the guidebook, you will find the description of accesses to the walls. Sketches and photographs have scribed lines that are showing the exact equipped routes on the wall.

If you do not have your own equipment, you can rent all the necessary equipment that you need for climbing at our branch office in Bled. You can rent:

  • Braking belay Gri Gri
  • Carabiner
  • Quickdraw
  • Rope
  • Climbing shoes
  • High-end Petzl Meteor helmets
  • Harness
  • Full set with helmet, harness, shoes, rope, 12 QD, carabiner and Gri Gri

Famous promoters of rock climbing in Slovenia

The greatest promoters of this sport are Slovenian top climbers. One of them is the world-renowned Slovenian mountaineer Tomaž Humar, who in 1999 climbed an unconquerable southern wall of the Dhaulagiri Mountain, that is still known as a death zone. That is why his solo ascent is acknowledged as one of the most demanding alpine ascents of all time.

The best Slovenian and foreign climbers also perfect their techniques in the challenging rock walls of the Julian Alps. The famous climbing walls in the Julian Alps are considered one of the most demanding in Europe.

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