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Altitude activities was born in 2016 from a wish to show everyone that there are no goals that can’t be reached.

Just take the leap, enjoy the beauty and feel alive.

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Twin brothers Jernej and Matevž

The founders of Altitude Activities, twin brothers Jernej and Matevž were born on the 1st of February 1990. They came to this world prematurely, but that didn't stop them from the incredible curiosity about what this world has to offer. Twin brothers tried every sport possible by age of 5 when they found their first passion – rock climbing. In the age of 10 they were one of the youngest people to climb multi pitch routes by themselves. In the same year they discovered ice climbing.

Mato reached an almost impossible goal by climbing a third accent on 8a+route called »Lojtrica domačih« in the age of 14 In the year of 2008 Mato won a 1st place in a world championship in ice climbing when aged 18. Jerry was 3rd.

They took their first leap of life in the age of 20 when they made first B.A.S.E jump. The air became their new playground in the next 5 years. In their life they participated in World championship of three different sports and skydiving was the third.

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Meet the team

Alja Markelj

Multitasking is her middle name.

When you enter the Agency, the first thing that will welcome you is her wide smile. While having a degree in Environmental Sciences she always had (too) many other interests. As well as the other members of the team, also her jobs and hobbies overlap, so the clear line between work and fun is hard to draw.

After realization that life is too short to waste it on boring routine, she decided to only do things she feels enthusiastic about. Besides being at the Agency’s office and enjoying meeting people from all over the world, she also works on art projects with children with special needs, manufacturing products made out of reused wood materials, cooperating on waste water treatment projects and last but not least you might see her on TV or as a host of local events. When the summer season ends, she packs her backpack and goes seeking for an inspiration across the globe.

She was born and raised in Bled, so if you are looking for a first hand advise where to get the nicest view, how to get to the remote hidden spots, where is the best food or the cheapest beer, she has all the answers. Adrenaline rush and sports were always her big addiction, as a consequence, she knows all about climbing, mountaineering and other exciting activities that Bled and its surroundings has to offer.

If you ask her to tell you something about herself she will probably say: “I am not loud, it is just the way I speak!”

Tara Moneta

Live for the moments you can't put into words

Tara is a student of Applied Kinesiology, Skiing Instructor and our lovely receptionist at the Altitude Activities office who will give you all the data about the outdoor activities that we offer, details about the approaches to mountains and many other useful information every traveler needs, when arriving to Bled.

Besides studying she also works actively as a volunteer in summer and winter camps, organized for children with special needs, where she teaches swimming and skiing. She finds this work to be rewarding and very much a learning experience.

Open minded, responsible, patient, realistic and independent are words that describe best her personality. In her free time she enjoys outdoor adventures such as; climbing, road cycling, swimming and running, so you will get credible first hand advice when it comes to sport activities.

Her piece of advise: »Live for the moments you can't put into words.«

Nika Žgur

All at the right time, but every day something

Nika is Master of Science in Forestry by a profession and a certified AAS (Alpine Association of Slovenia) mountain guide by heart (and by qualifications). Her field of work mostly covers guiding easy and challenging mountain tours. Besides guiding, she participates actively in organizing and executing mountain camps for children.

She enjoys peace and a beautiful natural scenery surrounding her, the company of close and faithful friends with whom she can talk for hours, but at the same time they can understand each other in seconds. She loves coffee, but in hot summers she prefer to drink a beer or just jump into the cold river to cool down. At the end of the day she enjoys being tired from all the exciting activities.

Besides her job, her hobbies include hiking, climbing, cycling, herbalism and babysitting.

She sticks to a principle: “All at the right time, but every day something.”

Urban Ban

Happy, as long as I’m not hungry

Urban is a licensed Canyoning guide and a Whitewater rescuer. Besides guiding canyoning in summer time, he also works as a graphic designer and an event organizer. Being fun, relaxed, kind and outgoing are his most pointed out characteristics.

Playing hockey is one of his biggest passions among all the others which include: photography, video production, mountaineering, cycling and running.

He describes himself as: “Happy, as long as I’m not hungry.

Gašper Finžgar

Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow

Gašper is an experienced Canyoning, Whitewater Rafting and Caving Guide and Instructor. Besides he is also certified and licensed Whitewater rescuer, Skiing Instructor and Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician.

While having a broad knowledge and many fields of expertise, it is impossible for him to draw the line between his job and his hobbies. We could say that his hobbies are his full time job, so by a profession and by interests he is: cave and technical diver, mountain rescuer, paramedic, operational firefighter, first responder and many more. When he finds a hole in his busy schedule he likes to escape to mountains for a ski touring trip or goes rock climbing.

He follows the principle: “Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.”

Jože Biro

Think positive and positive things will happen.

Jože is our experienced canyoning guide with a professional CIC licence since 2007. Besides guiding canyoning tours, he is also a kayaking guide and a whitewater instructor. All-inclusive in one person. His positive energy and open minded attitude is something that makes you smile every time you see him.

Currently he is in a process of training to become a licensed and certified mountain guide. His advice for happy life: “Think positive and positive things will happen.”