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Exciting but safe activities

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Exciting but safe activities

Climbing Triglav mountain tours

Conquer Slovenia’s highest mountain by guided tours to Triglav.

Our climbing mountain Triglav tours are the best option to conquer Slovenia’s highest mountain. Join us and our professional and qualified guides will take you on the safe and amazing mt Triglav tours.

Our guides are certified by the Slovenian Mountain Guiding Association and will make sure you will feel 100% safe at all time during climbing mt Triglav.

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We are a member of IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Association)

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All our mountain tours are performed in small groups. This enables us to have more personal approach and we can take more time for each individual.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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The most famous ascent

There is a saying among Slovenian locals that “one is not a true Slovenian until he or she climbs mount Triglav”. It is the most famous ascent jet not the easiest, therefore it is strongly recommended to hire a qualified guide.

With its height, Triglav is the highest peak in the Julian Alps as well as in the entire area of Slovenia. However, this mighty mountain is not only known for its altitude, but also for its symbolism. Triglav portrays and unites the national identity of the Slovenian people and, as a national symbol in the form of a coat of arms, also represents the pride on the Slovenian national flag.

Because of this, climbing mount Triglav is a special adventure that you must not miss!

A special feature of Mt. Triglav is in the fact that it offers one of the widest and far-reaching views across the entire Alpine mountain range, since the views in each direction stretch very far. It is not only its height that allows this view, but also the mountain location and location at the junction of three major regions.

That is why we can look at the other Alpine mountains from the top of Triglav, travel with a view of the vast plains and finally stop at the blue shades of the Adriatic Sea. Standing on the top of Triglav gives us a feeling as if we conquered the whole world.

Choose your path how to get to the top of the world.

The first climbing to Mt. Triglav was performed by experienced alpinists in the 18th century.

Mt. Triglav was first conquered in the second half of the 18th century when four mountain enthusiasts from the nearby Bohinj climbed it. They were four active explorers, climbers and experienced mountaineers who at that time crushed the milestones in the conquest of the highest Slovenian peaks. Along the lake of Bohinj, four climbers built a statue that still reminds us of their early achievements.

On the other side of the mountain, a monument was erected to the priest Jakob Aljaž, who at the end of the 19th century bought a few meters of surface on the very top of Triglav and placed a solid bivouac on it. Today we call it the Aljaž Tower, which used to serve as a shelter for all hikers who also reached the top of the mountain. Aljaž Tower is a symbol of the conquest of the top of the mountain, and hikers like to take a photo with it and save the memory of their achievement. At that time, the Aljaž Tower represented one of the highest-located shelters where hikers could find shelter, especially in bad weather and if they needed to rest. Today, four mountain huts are located just below the summit where hikers can spend the night during their trip and try some home-made dishes.

Excursions and mini trips along the Triglav National Park

For all hikers, climbers and nature lovers, the ascent to Triglav is also attractive because it is part of the spectacular Triglav National Park. The National Park covers the areas between Bled, Kranjska Gora, Bovec, Tolmin and Bohinj.

All these towns and villages have a rich cultural history and are surrounded by many natural sights that are worth a visit. If you stay in the area of the National Park for a long time, you have the opportunity to look at one of these towns each day and at the same time participate in the sporting activities that they offer within the park.

This area through which the crystal clear rivers Sava and Soča run is excellent for trying water sports, such as canyoning, rafting and kayaking on the river. Ascent to Mt. Triglav in the centre of the Triglav National Park represents a wonderful ending of our journey through the park. This is why we could say that it is like a cream at the top of the mountain.

Mountain tours to Mt. Triglav differ in difficulty

There are many paths leading to the top of Triglav, but they differ in their difficulty levels.

Regardless of which mountain route you choose, the upper part of the way near the very top, includes a fairly dangerous area where it is necessary to use the available pillars and steel wedges. The biggest challenge and the most difficult ascent is the large rock on the north side of the mountain, suited only for the best mountain climbers and guides. The climb to the mountain from other directions is possible for all other hikers who are not professional climbers.

A stunning northern wall

A stunning northern wall for experienced mountain guides and mountain climbers

The wall on the north side of Mt. Triglav is very impressive, because it is one kilometre high and three kilometres wide and represents one of the major challenges of every climber. This is climbing Mount Triglav in the true sense of the word climbing. There are only some smaller rock tops and sections on the wall, and the central overhang in the central part is the one that is the most steep and difficult to overcome.

The first man who partly climbed the northern wall to the central overhang, was a hunter from the Trenta Valley. In 1890, he climbed to the path which is today called the Slovene direction and is suitable only for experienced climbers. For all those who only want to see the north wall, the best view can be captured while walking on the mountain tour that leads to Pogačnik hut.

If you want to experience a true climbing experience, we have the choice of choosing between climbing walls, which in addition to adventurous climbing also offer wonderful views of the alpine valleys. Let’s start!

Six mountain tours

Six different mountain tours leading to the top of Triglav

A bit more demanding routes, especially those from the direction of the Vrat in Zadnjica valleys, require some additional equipment and more experience in climbing. Other tours are mostly simpler and do not require special protection for climbing. According to some criteria, a scale of path difficulty can be quite subjective. Namely, the steepest tours present a challenge in physical readiness for the climbing itself, and on the other hand, more gentle tours from the southern directions are also a challenge because they are longer in length.

Path to Mt. Triglav can be started from six different sides, each of which has its own special features and characteristics. You can start the tour from valleys Vrata, Zadnjica, Krma or Kot. You can also start the trail in Bohinj and from there climb the lake paths to the very top. You can also start the tour from Pokljuka, the nearby plateau.

It is not necessary that our mountain tour ends by reaching the peak on Triglav, we take the tour of the Valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes which are dispersed along the Triglav National Park.

Carefree to the top of Triglav with an experienced mountain guide

Climbing mount Triglav is a unique challenge which climbers and mountain lovers can overcome with appropriate equipment and knowledge of the routes leading to the top. If the hiker lacks experience or physical readiness, it is best to consider joining an organized group led by a trained mountain guide. We recommend you to inquire about climbing Mt. Triglav and prepare in advance, as the climb requires a precise organization and the distribution of time slots.

Hiking and climbing experience to Triglav mountain organized in a group and with experienced guides will be easier and more comfortable. The hiker will not need to worry about all climbing equipment and paying attention to fast-changing weather conditions. The mountain guide will also advise the hiker about which tour is the most appropriate for them, taking into account the hiker’s abilities and wishes.

Climbing Mount Triglav tours are available throughout the year

Despite the difficult ascent, climbing Triglav is popular in all seasons. The weather is less variable from June to September, and the paths are easy to walk on as there is no snow. The Triglav National Park area is especially exciting in the winter, as the landscape turns into a snowy fairy tale.

The winter months provide several activities that can be discovered here.

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We are licensed and professional guides who can work in any type of terrain, anywhere in the world.

We are Canyoning Professionals

We are licensed and professional guides who can work in any type of terrain, anywhere in the world.