Terms used hereafter have the following meaning:

“Altituda d.o.o.” refers to the company Altituda d.o.o., with its seat at Bled and main place of business at Ljubljanska cesta 1, 4260 Bled, Slovenia, registration number 7036639000, VAT ID: SI35668580
“activity” refers to the services organized or provided by Altituda d.o.o., the content of which is defined separately by Altituda d.o.o., usually on the Altituda d.o.o. website http://altitude-activities.com/
“customer”, “customers”, “client” or “clients” refer to the person or persons stated at booking or those taking part in an activity organized or provided by Altituda d.o.o.
“agent” or “supplier” refers to a person, company or any legal entity that markets Altituda d.o.o. services in agreement with Altituda d.o.o.
“these T&C” refer to the General Terms and Conditions set in this document.

These T&C apply to all relationships between the client and Altituda d.o.o. The client accepts these T&C and is bound by them at the point of making a booking or taking part in an activity without prior booking. These T&C are available on the Altituda d.o.o. website http://altitude-activities.com/ and may be changed at any time by Altituda d.o.o. If these T&C are changed after the booking is made, the changes do not affect the existing relationship between the client and Altituda d.o.o.

The client should read these T&C carefully to identify if all conditions are met for a safe and enjoyable partaking in an activity.


By booking an activity the client agrees to take part in an activity for the price stated in the details of the activity. After booking an activity, payment must be made at least 14 days before the day the activity begins, unless specifically agreed otherwise with Altituda d.o.o. Payment may be made using the “Pay Now” button found in the booking invoice sent by e-mail. Failure of payment on time shall result in the booking being canceled.

Altituda d.o.o. may decline any booking without stating any reason. If no invoice is sent to the client, the booking is considered declined. Clients that did not receive the invoice should check with Altituda d.o.o. to verify if the sent invoice was not accidentally lost or delayed.

The activities and other services to be provided by Altituda d.o.o. shall be defined in the booking confirmation.

All services are subject to Value Added Tax (DDV) as valid at time of booking.

All prices are in Euros, unless otherwise stated.


Altituda d.o.o. may specify a minimum number of participants for every activity. If this number is not reached, Altituda d.o.o. reserves the right to cancel the activity and offer the client another date for the activity or a full refund, payable within 8 days of cancelation without interest.


Cancellation by the Client:

The client may cancel participation in any activity in written form. However, the following fees apply, considering the time Altituda receives the cancelation before the start of the activity:

14 days or more – 0% fee (full refund) prior to activity and
between 13 days and (72 hours) – 20% fee (80 % refund).

Participation cannot be canceled (no refund and no alternate dates offered) in the following cases:

with less than 72 hours remaining before the start of the activity, unless specifically agreed so with Altituda d.o.o. or
if the minimum participation number would no longer be met.

In case of no shows regardless of reason the clients are not entitled to any refund or alternate activity dates. No discounts or refunds for missed or unused services are provided, regardless of the reason.

If activities are offered in a package, the start of the activity shall be defined by the time and date of the first activity scheduled in the package.

Cancellation by Altituda d.o.o.:

Altituda d.o.o. may without reason cancel any activity without previous announcement, but must do so in writing by e-mail within 12 hours before the scheduled start of activity.

The activity may be cancelled less than 12 hours before in case of weather conditions, deemed unsafe or unsuitable by Altituda d.o.o., traffic restrictions, government actions or other unpredictable circumstances outside Altituda d.o.o. control (Force Majeure). As well as in case the required minimum number of participants is not met or in case of booking errors (overbooking due to system errors, loss of data etc.) Altituda d.o.o. reserves the right to withdraw from the contract also on short notice.

If the fulfilment of a contract is not possible at another time or if the customer cannot take part in the alternative services offered, any paid fees will be refunded. Further damage claims are not possible.


The client acknowledges that the weather conditions are unpredictable, especially in mountainous regions. Itineraries and schedules are therefore subject to change according to Altituda d.o.o.’s local, experienced professionals who alone decide the best course of action immediately before and during the activity, including changing route, shortening and prolonging the length of the activity as well as rescheduling and cancelling thereof, according to weather, road, terrain and other conditions, fitness and state of participants and extraordinary circumstances to provide the safest and most enjoyable experience.


The client is alone responsible to ensure that he or she is in appropriate medical, mental and physical condition, suitable for the activity. Neck, back or shoulder problems, injuries, instability, heart conditions, seizure disorders or problems with balance, pregnancy and other conditions might affect the client’s ability to take part in an activity. Clients with stated conditions must consult a physician before engaging in any activity or booking with Altituda d.o.o. and notify Altituda d.o.o. thereof at booking. If concerned about lack of ability to take part in an activity, clients should contact Altituda d.o.o. for recommendations of suitable activities. Altituda d.o.o. may refuse services to any client whose health, physical fitness, capabilities or actions, in Altituda’s sole judgment, unacceptably negatively affects the experience or safety for other clients taking part in the activity. Altituda d.o.o. may deny services to the client at time of the activity due to previously undisclosed medical conditions of the client without obligation of refund.

Altituda d.o.o. may reject a client engaging in the use of illegal drugs and alcohol without obligation of refund or liability for damages.

Inability to swim must be disclosed at booking. Clients unable to swim may not participate in any water activities.


The client is required to bring the equipment listed by Altituda d.o.o. for each activity. Altituda d.o.o. shall provide only the equipment if specifically stated or agreed upon and reserves the right to exclude clients that do not provide the minimum equipment required.

The client is responsible for all equipment issued for use during the activity. Altituda d.o.o. reserves the right to charge for equipment that is lost or damaged.


Clients should consult the activities information and details on www.altitude-activities.com for each activity and acknowledge the minimum age requirement (the minimum is always 6 years of age) before requesting a booking from Altituda d.o.o. If the minimum age requirements are not met Altituda d.o.o. reserves the right to deny the activity to the client without obligation of refund.

Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Altituda d.o.o. reserves the right to restrict the number of participants under the age of 18 on activities.


Altituda d.o.o. organizes services alone or in cooperation with several companies and organizations. Altituda d.o.o. and its subcontractors are not liable for damages, including damages to equipment or other property, damages from any emotional distress, pain, injury and death, suffered directly or indirectly when taking part in activities. Any implied warranty is excluded by these T&C.

Altituda d.o.o. shall not be liable for any damage, incidental expenses or losses that the client may have incurred if Altituda d.o.o. cancels an activity within the terms of these T&C. Furthermore, liability of Altituda d.o.o. is excluded if damage results due to previously undisclosed conditions.

Altituda d.o.o. is not liable for lost or stolen luggage.


Altituda d.o.o. is not liable to clients in the event of injury, death, financial loss or any other damages incurred as a result of occurrences beyond the reasonable control of Altituda d.o.o. (Force Majeure). Weather conditions are always considered Force Majeure.


Altituda assumes no liability for acts or omissions of any independent agent or supplier, or any other third party.


Customers participating in photo or video contests agree to transfer to Altituda d.o.o. permanently, irrevocably, and non-exclusively worldwide without obligation of royalty payments or other remuneration the following copyright on their photos and videos:

– the right of reproduction,

– the right of distribution,

– the right of public display and broadcasting,

– the right of adaptation.


The Terms and Conditions including all matters arising from it are subject to the law and the exclusive jurisdiction in the courts of the Republic Slovenia and will be governed exclusively by Slovenian law. Exclusive jurisdiction does not apply to consumers.


Client’s personal information are collected for purposes of booking and ensuring safety. Altituda d.o.o. may provide client’s personal information to its subcontractors and suppliers for the operation of activities and services.

If Altituda d.o.o. uses third parties to process client’s personal information, third parties also comply with Altituda d.o.o. privacy policies and keep confidentiality of their customer’s information.

The client permits collection and processing of personal information by filling in a booking.


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