Hiking Slovenia

#VIEW HUNTING: Panoramic hike to Debela peč

Did you know that Lonely Planet listed the Julian Alps among the 10 top destinations to visit in 2018?

Approach: from Medvedova konta à Blejska koča (hut) à the peak 2014m

Altitude gain: 604m

Difficulty: a basic level of fitness

Duration: 2h 15min

Needed gear: winter clothing and shoes (weather appropriate), also recommended crampons and ice axe

Peaks to visit nearby: Brda (2008m),  Lipanski vrh (1974m), Mrežce (1965m)

Do you believe me that getaway to the Julian Alps is much more enjoyable in the winter time? In the summer, everybody wants to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and the main destination are the Julian Alps. Don’t get me wrong, I love mountaineering, but in my opinion it is overcrowded in months June, July and August. In January, I am pretty sure you will meet only locals on the way.

Where to enter the mighty Kingdom? Yes, I know, there are so many peaks and it is hard to choose the one. If you have little mountain experience & want to discover the alpine jewels, I would suggest you hike to Debela peč.  This half-day trip will provide you with unforgettable views, I promise! Come with me on the adventure ?

Our journey starts in Bled – that city with the glacial lake with an island and a castle perched high on a cliff. I am sure you have heard of it before or seen pictures like this one: *insert dope picture of Bled*

We will drive up to plateau Pokljuka, more precisely to Medvedova konta – this is our starting point. Firstly, we have to follow the forest path. It becomes a bit more narrow and steep, within striking distance of Blejska koča (koča is a word for a hut).

First sing, which is next to the parking spot.
Another sing on the way-follow the road, which goes to the left.
Let it shine! P.s. Save your skin and wear sunscreen also in the winter. :-)

*If you choose to go leisurely, you will need about an hour to reach the hut, but if you are in a good shape it will take you about 30 minutes.

Near the hut, you will spot a sign for Debela peč. Only 1h of walking left to reach the top. The path gradually becomes a bit steeper (careful, it might be icy!) until we reach small plateau. Here we have to follow the path, which goes to the right. There are some marks on the rocks, but they might be covered in snow. Some people are quite confused on this part, because we have to descend a little bit. Just stick to it + take some time to enjoy the beautiful view here. Can you show me the majestic Triglav?

Hiking Slovenia
Stunning view from the top
Getting those high altitude endorphins.
Striking a pose

The last part of the path is again a bit steep, but you can already see the summit. Hurray, we have reached our goal! Stop for a while and leave your camera in your pocket. Take a moment to breathe in that fresh mountain breeze. How beautiful is that picturesque landscape?

I’m glad I was wearing some vivid colours, otherwise you would not even noticed me, because of the beauties in the background.
Can’t hide the joy. I never say no to hiking, especially with a great friend.

I hope you are already packing your hiking boots and pants! Let me know if you need any help with organizing the trip or need a trail tip, I would be more than happy to help you.

Adventure awaits!


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