Postojna cave or Postojnska jama in Slovenian language is the most visited cave in Slovenia. It seems that anyone who steps on Slovenian soil wants to be a part of this beautiful underworld experience. Postojnska jama in Slovenija is a pearl in records, as it has been visited by as many as 40 million people in the last 200 years, when it was opened for outside visitors. Yes, this magnificent and remarkable cave simply should not be missed. In this article we are going to write something about the cave and its characteristics, and then sum up the key information such as ticket prices, opening hours and other activities in the Postojna cave park. Let the path into the mysterious underworld begin.

Interesting facts about the Postojna cave

Cavers so far discovered and explored about ten thousand caves in Slovenia. This means that Slovenia is a land of mysterious Karst underworld. Postojnska jama in Slovenia are part of the twenty four kilometers long karst cave system, which is the largest cave system in Slovenia. These unique caves that are part of one karst cave system include some other caves, such as Pivka cave and Črna or Black cave. Postojna caves in Slovenia also include the Otoška cave and Magdalena cave. If you would like to visit the Pivka cave, it is located only four kilometers away from the main park.

Pivka River as a mighty underworld creator

Pivka River runs through the Postojna cave, where it has been responsible for creating this beautiful underworld system for the last two million years. You can see Pivka River near the cave entrance, where this typical karst river sinks into the underground and a few kilometers ahead once again appears on the surface, from where it continues its path towards Lake Cerknica, all the way to Ljubljana.

Beautiful cave formations designed by karst limestone

In the Postojna cave there are several halls that are decorated with beautiful dripstones, named stalagmites and stalactites. In addition to stalagmites and stalactites there are also other cave formations, such as the famous dripstone pillar, named Brilijant, a symbolic formation in the cave. It was given the name Brilijant, since this is a five meters tall stalagmite, which impresses visitors with its shiny white and silver color. On a tour you will be able to see this cave formation near the Russian bridge, built by Russian war prisoners in 1916.

Big concert hall inside the cave

Inside the cave you will also find a big concert hall, which, due to its exceptional acoustic features, hosts many musical concerts. This hall hosts concerts of symphonic orchestras and soloists of classical music. The concert hall can host as many as ten thousand visitors at the same time.

The living nativity scenes in Postojna Cave

If you visit the Postojna cave in Christmas time, you will have the opportunity to see the biggest living nativity scene in Slovenia. Traditional living nativity scenes inside the cave have been set up since the early 1990s. They can be seen throughout the entire tourist tour, where they are accompanied by Slovenian Christmas choirs.

The Olm – a famous resident in the Postojna cave

The Olm is also known as the human fish; with its Latin name Proteus Anguinus. The human fish is an endemic in the karst underground, which means, that this animal can only be found in this part of the world. The human fish is the only vertebrate in the world that lives in the cave. In addition, it is currently also the world’s largest cave animal, with its thirty centimeters of length. This unique animal species are protected by the law and are included on the list of rare and endangered animal species.

Postojna cave miniature train

In the year of 1872, the first cave railway in the world was built in the Postojna cave, where it has been improving and expanding throughout the years. In the past people visited the cave by walking on foot, however in the present time you can take a tour inside the cave with a unique miniature electric train. The Postojna cave is also the only cave in the world, which has a double-track cave railway.

Postojna cave train will take you on a 4 kilometer long journey into the underground world. Tour with a miniature train offers a unique experience, for adults and for children. While driving on the electric train, you will be able to see a number of natural attractions. When the train journey ends, you will explore the rest of the cave by foot. When you will buy tickets for the tour, the train will wait for you at the very entrance, near the main access point.

Postojna cave tour

Postojna cave tour begins at the train platform, where the cave train will be waiting for you.  From here, the miniature train will take you on a 4 kilometers long journey into the cave. The train will first take you through two tunnels, after which the tunnels will repeatedly extend, where you will be able to see a number of underground halls. At this point of the tour you will see the famous concert hall. While driving on the train you will also see some beautiful cave formations, including the famous Curtain. The first part of a cave tour ends in the Hall of pillars. From here, the tour continues on foot.

Cave guides will then take you to the Velika Gora cavern, from where you will get an exceptional view on the Magic Garden, Russian tunnel and on the area of Lepe Jame. Then, you will then cross the Russian bridge and enter the Lepe Jame area, where you will get to see Brilijant, the famous dripstone pillar. From here, the tour trail extends, and you will soon arrive to the pool, where the Olm, human fish lives. On this extended part you can also buy some souvenirs. From here you will go down the hill to the train platform, from where the train takes you back to the surface.

Postojna Cave Train
Postojna Cave

Other information about the tour

For taking the tour it is advisable to dress appropriately since the temperature in the cave is ten degrees Celsius, which remains constant throughout the year. The tour takes about an hour and a half. In that time you will explore 5 kilometres of the cave; 4 kilometres with the electric train and 1 kilometre on foot.

The walkway is accessible and there are no steps on it, so it is also suitable for disabled persons in wheelchairs and for parents with strollers. Pets are not allowed inside the cave, due to their safety and the safety of the underground ecosystem. Pets will wait for you in the specially designed kennels, near the entry point. There is no additional price for this service, as it is free of charge.

Each tour is accompanied by guides, who present all the information about the cave and its beauty. Guides can communicate in Slovenian, English, Italian and German language. However, visitors can also rent audio guides that are available in 17 different languages. The price for renting an audio guide is 3, 50 €.

Postojna cave hours

Postojna cave is open all year round, even during holidays, while permanent cave hours differ in the winter months and in the summer season. Postojna cave’s opening hours from November to March offer only three guided tours a day, at 10 am, 12 am and 15 pm. From April to October, tours take place every hour from 9 am to 18 pm. Opening hours for Postojna caves in Slovenia which include Pivka and Black cave are flexible; otherwise, it is possible to visit only between May and September.

Postojna cave tickets

Postojna cave tickets are available at the main cash desk, located approximately 150 meters from the cave entrance. Tickets can also be booked through the website that you can find here. You have the option to buy a single ticket, which means that you can visit only one attraction in the park, or you can buy a ticket for a full Postojna cave park experience, where you can also visit the Predjama Castle, Vivarium and EXPO Cave Karst. Park tickets thus offer several different combinations, so you do not need to buy single tickets in order to visit different attractions.

Postojna cave price

Postojna cave price is divided into four different groups, adults, students, children aged 6 to 15 and children under the age of 5. Prices also differ depending on whether you are visiting in a high or in a low season. Prices in the low season between September and June are lower than prices in the high season. More detailed information about current prices can be found here.

On this site, you can find prices for other sights in the park. Here you can also find prices for tour packages that include the Postojna cave tour and other sightseeing tours in the park. In case you order your tickets for other sights in the park through the website, you will also receive a 10 per cent discount on the entire purchase.

Hotels in Postojna

There are quite a few hotels in Postojna city with the surrounding area, but only one hotel lies in the heart of Postojna cave park. Here you can find a four-star Hotel Jama, located at the park entrance. Hotel Jama started operating in 1971, and in 2016 it was completely renovated. The only Postojna cave park hotel has 80 rooms, most of which offer a balcony, from where you will have wonderful views on the greened park and the Pivka River.

If you would like to explore Postojna city, you can stay in Hotel Kras. This central Postojna hotel is located on the main square. Four-star Hotel Kras offers 24 double rooms and 3 suites with a terrace. The Hotel Kras café on the city square is known for its excellent cakes and sweets.

Sights in Postojna cave park

In the park you can also visit some other attractions, such as the exhibition pavilion EXPO Cave Karst, the Proteus cave with Vivarium and Predjama Castle.

EXPO Cave Karst

In the Expo Cave Karst pavilion you can visit an exhibition about the Postojna cave origins and its development. This exhibition offers visitors an insight into the natural and cultural heritage of the cave, from the prehistoric times to the present.


The Proteus cave with Vivarium is located near the main cave entrance. Vivarium is divided into two parts; in one part it is used for research work in the field of karstology and speleobiology, while the second part of the exhibition reveals special Karst underworld features and its most characteristic animal species that live deep under the surface. Here you can also see The Olm, the famous humane fish and other animal inhabitants that live in the cave.

Predjama Castle

Fairytale Predjama Castle is located just a few kilometers away from the main park entrance. Predjama Castle is the largest and only cave castle in the world, which is completely preserved. Inside the castle you can see various objects that were used in the middle ages, almost five hundred years ago. On a guided tour you will also get to know the legend about Erazem of Predjama.

Cave under Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle stands on a 123-meter high cliff, where beneath the entrance lies a Cave under Predjama Castle. Cave under Predjama Castle tour is available to all visitors.

If your Postojna cave and Predjama cave tours weren’t enough and you are eager for new mysterious underworld adventures in Slovenia, you can visit us in Bled, from where we will take you on an exciting journey through the surrounding caves. Hence, join us on a cave kayaking tour and Bled caving tour. See you soon!

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