The mighty Bled Castle has been firmly standing at the top of 130 meters high steep cliff for over thousand years. The written sources indicate that Bled Castle in Slovenia is also the oldest castle in the area. Nowadays Lake Bled Castle is the most visited tourist gem that offers beautiful views of the lake and its small island, the Alpine town and the surrounding landscape with the peaks of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke.

Can you only imagine how the life in the Lake Bled Castle was like in the past, when princes, princesses, lords and countesses lived? Do you wonder how many mysteries are hidden by these mighty stone walls or what are the stories of brave knights who defended the fortress against their enemies? What about all those unfulfilled love romances and intrigues about taking over the power?

Visit the Bled Castle in Slovenia and explore the magical paths with castle stories that took place in the variegated and tumultuous history of this mighty fortress.

History of Bled Castle in Slovenia

Bled Castle was first mentioned in the year of 1011, when the German king Henrik II donated the ownership to Albuin, who was the Bishop of Brixen. Catholic bishop was credited for spreading the German rule in this part of their kingdom. By this we can assume that the castellum Veldes, as it was then named, was built before 1011.

The Bishops of Brixen retained ownership until the end of the 13th Century. Then the ownership was taken over by the Austrian Habsburgs. In the 15th Century, when Auersperg noble family ruled the Bled Castle, the castle became a Protestant fortress, which was also attended by Primož Trubar, the author of the first printed book in Slovenian language and the leader of the Slovenian Protestant movement. Later, in the 18th Century the ownership was divided into different aristocratic families and bourgeoisie.

At the end of World War II, a fire broke out and destroyed the roof and upper rooms. Few years later, Slovenian architects started a reconstruction that lasted for 10 years. From then on, the Lake Bled Castle was arranged into a museum.

Lake Bled Castle museum and other attractions

Once you enter through the mighty medieval gate, Bled Castle will be waiting for you with the following attractions that are truly worth seeing:

  • The museum: The museum is located in the baroque part of the building. Here the illustrated living culture and objects from different time periods will take you through the fascinating history of the region around Bled and the history of Bled Castle.
  • Exhibition by the Slovenian National Museum: The permanent exhibition is divided into eight parts in which you will learn about the history of the landscape in Blejski kot. You will see important features that nature has created with surrounding hills, rivers and lakes. You will also get to know the everyday lives of people who once lived here. You will learn about their customs, culture and craft traditions. An interesting part of the exhibition represents the growth of Bled tourism, which developed from a natural spa resort.
  • Printing works: Here you will find the reconstruction of the Gutenberg wooden printing machine, which retains a memory of the Protestantism era in the 15th Century, when Primož Trubar, the author of the first two Slovenian books, visited the fortress. Today you can print memory documents, using old printing process. Hand-printed paper makes it a great souvenir.
  • Wine cellar: In the old wine cellar you will have an opportunity to taste some of the best high-quality Slovenian wines and at the same time observe the demonstration of bottling up the wine in the oak barrels, the same process that was used in the medieval times. You can read more about the wine tasting experience here.
  • Lake Bled Castle forge: In the upper courtyard you can also visit the forge, blacksmith’s workshop, in which various iron artwork is exhibited. In the past, iron was a very used metal from which they had been making different objects. Today, you can make your own iron coin on the blacksmith’s anvil.
Wine cellar from Castle Bled
Lake Bled Castle forge

Bled Castle – how to get there?

Lake Bled Castle is located on a cliff above the city, just a few minutes’ drive from the city center. On the top of the cliff you have to walk on foot. The hike is not demanding and it takes only 5 to 15 minutes. You can access the top from two sides:

  • from the lake shore at the foothills, where the path was recently renovated and illuminated
  • from the parking lot near the entrance

Bled Castle isn’t easily accessible for wheelchair users and strollers. Therefore, a special lift will be soon built to ease the access. Until then, wheelchair users can be brought to the very entrance by car.

Bled Castle parking

Just a few minutes ‘ walk from the main entrance there is a big parking space available to all visitors, who got here with cars, buses, motorcycles or campers. In the last period the number of visitors has risen sharply, therefore they will soon build another big parking space in the vicinity.

Bled Castle opening hours

Lake Bled Castle is open for visitors every day, all year round. Opening hours vary according to the low and high season:

  • From November to March: 8:00 – 18:00
  • July and August: 8:00 – 21:00
  • April, May, June, September and October: 8:00 – 20:00

To avoid crowds between 11 am and 3 pm in the high season, it is best to visit in the early morning hours or a few hours before closing.

Bled Castle price

Entrance fee includes a tour of the whole castle building, including a visit to the museum and exhibition collection of the National Museum of Slovenia. Entrance fees are available for purchase at the main entrance. Entrance fee price remains the same even if at that time the medieval festivals, farmers markets and music performances take place in the Bled Castle.

Individual visitors:

  • Adults: 11 EUR
  • Students: 7 EUR
  • Children up to 14 years of age: 5 EUR

Groups of 10 people or more:

  • Adults: 9.50 EUR
  • Students: 6.50 EUR
  • Children up to 14 years of age: 4.50 EUR

Lake Bled Castle restaurant

Bled Castle in Slovenia has one of the best restaurants in this region that offers the most beautiful views of the city and the lake with its small island. In addition, the Jezeršek family, with top chefs and culinary experts, offers excellent dishes and the best Slovenian wines. On their menu you will find seasonal fresh food and delicious traditional Upper Carniola dishes with a touch of modern charm.

The restaurant is open every day between 11 am and 22 pm. Since this is a very popular place to eat, an advance reservation is required. Within the restaurant there is also a café, where you can try excellent roasted coffee, a popular Bled cream slice or top-quality wine. The café is open every day from March to October between 8 am and 20 pm.

Jezeršek family hosts many weddings and other special events in the outdoor and indoor areas of the restaurant, where they prepare a true culinary experience for their guests. The restaurant, with its romantic design and fascinating view of the city, raises special moments to all couples that are in love. What a perfect place for an engagement!

Bled Castle wedding

Bled Castel in Slovenia offers beautiful views and a medieval luxurious setting that convinces many brides and grooms to place their wedding vows and continue their wedding celebration late into the night.

The wedding starts when the castle staff accompanies the bride and the groom through the main door to the famous well in the lower part of the building. With accompanying classical live music, the bride and groom with gathered guests are greeted and welcomed by the Lord and the Lady of the Castle, who then escort them to the luxurious Knights’ Hall, where the wedding ceremony is held.

The newlyweds can also complete their vows in the famous Castle Chapel, dedicated to the bishops of Saint Albuin and Saint Ingenuin. When newlyweds sign the wedding certificate, they make a toast with sparkling champagne. The wedding celebration then continues in the restaurant, where the Jezeršek family provides with an excellent entertainment and delicious food.

Wouldn’t be wonderful that the next morning newlyweds would take a romantic ride into the sunrise in a hot air balloon, holding a glass of champagne while overlooking the beautiful nature below with the peaceful Lake Bled?

Bled Castle in winter

Bled Castle in winter illustrates a winter fairytale, because from here, high above the city, there are amazing views of the snowy landscape, glistening in the glow of festive lights. In the coldest months, the tranquil lake turns into a huge ice surface, where many people ice-skate. During Christmas and New Year holidays you can visit additional events and exhibitions in the Bled Castle, such as:

  • Exhibition of Christmas Nativity Scenes in the Chapel
  • Dance with the Lord of the Castle

Perhaps you would also like to try out a winter activity that will warm your body and make you laugh? Join us on a sledding Bled experience, where we will sled ride downhill the surrounding snowy hills. The fun is guaranteed, and so is the snow!

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