Paragliding tours

Our paragliding Slovenia tours from Bled and Bovec are unique way of exploring beatufiul landscape of Slovenia!

Fullfill your dream of paragliding in Slovenia and experience our country Slovenia from a different perspective. Soar through the skies and enjoy an unobstructed view of spectacular mountain scenery of Julian Alps and Karavanke Mountains. This is a one of a kind experience that you will take home with you – try our paragliding Slovenia tours.

We offer you the best tours – paragliding Bled, paragliding Bohinj, paragliding Bovec and more paragliding Slovenia tours.

The most amazing panoramic views

Paragliding in Slovenia is an excellent opportunity for a fun, exciting and adrenaline-filled journey from a completely different perspective. Gliding high above the ground on a sunny day without any clouds gives you panoramic views of the stunning alpine landscape, like Bovec, Bohinj, Triglav National park and other covered with natural gems. Quietly floating through the blue sky gives you a feeling of total freedom while enjoying the peaceful moments up in the air and viewing the scenery from all angles. Go with the wind, relax on a tandem flight and enjoy the ride!

Gliding through the air is a unique experience, as you will have the opportunity to fly near the peaks of the Julian Alps with the views of the Karavanke Mountains and of the stunning terrain in the Triglav National Park with emerald green rivers, majestic forests, alpine valleys such as Bohinj, and idyllic villages. Especially striking are the tandem flights above Bled area with beautiful views of Lake Bled with a small island, church and pletna boats, and views of the mighty Bled Castle on the cliff and the town of Bled.

What to know about paragliding in Slovenia?

All our tandem flight tours start in our offices in Bled, from where we will drive to a starting point at a certain altitude. From a hill, you will take-off and launch the parachute. On the top, the instructor will equip you with a helmet, gloves and comfortable harness that feels like sitting in a lounge chair. He will then explain the basic rules and take-off procedures.

When you finally take-off after a few quick steps and fly into the sky, you can completely relax, as the pilot will do all the work. The pilot will launch and control a parachute and take care of safe landing.

The landing field position differs with each route, but in each case, we will drive back to Bled. The paragliding in Slovenia tour takes about 2 hours, including transport, preparation and time in the air. Tandem flight takes between 10 to 30 minutes, depending on which tour you choose.

Best certified tandem instructors

Licensed tandem pilots have years of experience, so they will ensure your safety and be your guide when you fly high in the air. They will also take care of the launch procedure, maneuvering the parachute and safe landing. You don’t need any prior experience or a license, as the instructors will do all the work.

If you are afraid of heights, our instructor will help you to overcome your fear so that you feel completely safe. If you would like to have outstanding pictures of the paragliding in Slovenia tour, it is possible to arrange a video recording of your flight on an 8 or 16 GB memory card drive.

Weather conditions and the best time for paragliding in Slovenia

This outdoor activity is available between April and October. As weather conditions can be unpredictable, heavy rain and strong wind can surprise us even though we follow the weather forecast every day.

Tandem flights depend on weather conditions. Flying in the air is best on sunny days. In case the tour is canceled for that day, you can wait until the sky clears up or we will make a full money refund. You can also take any other tour in our offer, which doesn’t depend on the weather.

Paragliding Slovenia for all nature lovers and adrenaline enthusiasts

Tandem flights are suitable for everyone who would like to experience the high dosage of adrenaline and enjoy the ride high above the ground with magnificent panorama views of the alpine landscape and the surrounding mountain peaks.

There are some weight restrictions, as to be able to ensure the maximum safety levels. The tour is available for everyone who has more than 30 kilograms and less than 120 kilograms. To make sure that paragliding in Slovenia tour will be as comfortable as possible, put on hiking boots or sport shoes and wear sports clothing with a warm jacket or a fleece.

Gliding through the air above Lake Bled

This paragliding in Slovenia route offers an astounding starting point as you will spread your wings and take-off from Pokljuka, a 1300 meters high plateau in the heart of the Triglav National Park. At first, panoramic views will open to the highest peaks of the Julian Alps in the west, along with the mighty Mt. Triglav. To the north and northeast, views open to the Karavanke Mountains with Mt. Stol and to the Kamnik Savinja Alps, along with Žirovnica, Lesce airport, Radovljica and over the Austrian border to Graz.

Then you will glide down towards the beautiful Lake Bled with surrounding hills of Osojnica and Ojstrica. In this part you will fly just 600 meters above Lake Bled, so you will also see a small island with a church and pletna boats on the lake, the mighty Bled Castle and the town of Bled.

Sunrise tandem flights above Lake Bled

The alpine landscape is most stunning in the early morning hours when nature glistens in the first sunbeams. Treat yourself with a paragliding in Slovenia adventure high above the ground and view the sunrise coming from behind the Kamnik Savinja Alps.

Lake Bled is exceptionally charming when it sparkles in the morning sun. Take in the fresh air and the adrenaline rush and relax comfortably in the harness. Enjoy amazing morning views of Lake Bled, surrounding hills, the Bled Castle and the idyllic island in the middle of the lake.

Powered paragliding in Slovenia route

This tandem flight route begins in a lovely meadow next to the Vrba village and above the Sava Dolinka River valley. When you start to fly and get comfy in the air, you will get an amazing view of the Royal Bled Golf Course. Then the view opens up to the Sava River.

In this part, the river affluents of Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka River join in with their beautiful blue-green colors. Here you will also see Camp Šobec, surrounded by majestic spruce forests. Then you will glide towards Lake Bled with its island, mighty Bled Castle on a cliff and over Velika Osojnica hill on the west side.

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star rating  My sister and I booked the ‘Active Day’ package, including ice climbing, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. The whole experience from start to finish was epic, so picking a favourite... read more

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Proud recipient of a TripAdvisor 2021 Certificate of Excellence
Thank you all for the great reviews!

star rating  My sister and I booked the ‘Active Day’ package, including ice climbing, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. The whole experience from start to finish was epic, so picking a favourite... read more

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February 12, 2023