We know that you are already impatient and want to find out how to get from Ljubljana to Bled. Even if you would like to just visit the town, on the other hand, you can always come by at our starting point in Bled, where we can get together and make our future plans to explore the area. But first, for those who may not yet know, we will tell something about this town, and then we will describe how to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled.

Bled is considered as a true alpine pearl, who invites people from countries around the world. The village lies on the edge of Triglav´s National Park, surrounded by mountains and lake thermal springs. This is the most attractive green alpine center that inspires tourists with the unique experiences of nature, culture and history, sports and cuisine in all seasons of the year. The town is best known for Lake Bled and the famous small island on it.

Lake is accessible by a circular walkway, on which you can walk on foot or explore it by bicycle. By bike we can take you into the most hidden corners of the town.

But you can also go on walks in the beautiful surrounding area, such as the Vintgar gorge, Pokljuka gorge, near waterfalls and the entire area of the Triglav`s National Park. Some information about visiting the seven alpine wonders can be found here.

Distance from Ljubljana to Bled

In order to make it easier to visualize the length of the journey that is ahead of you, it’s good to say something about the distance from Ljubljana to Bled. All the cars, buses and taxi will be able to use the same road. The road starts in the capital city of Slovenia and it is connected to the freeway, called Gorenjska highway.

The total distance from Ljubljana to Bled is exactly 54.8 kilometers. If the Gorenjska highway is not crowded with traffic, then you will be able to get from Ljubljana to Bled in about 41 minutes by car.

On the highway you will be passing through the capital city of Gorenjska, called Kranj. City Kranj is somewhere in the middle of the journey, between Ljubljana and Bled. Once you will reach the highway exit for Bled, it will take you approximately ten minutes to get to center of the town.

The distance from the highway exit to the town is not long, because there are only few kilometers left from the main road.

How to get from Ljubljana to Bled by train?

From Ljubljana to Bled-Lesce train station

Train station Lesce-Bled lies on the route of the so-called Oste line. Oste railway line connects cities between Munich, Salzburg, Villach, Ljubljana and Belgrade, and all the way to Athens. This railway line has been established for a long time and is part of regular lines, which transport passengers on a daily basis. Lesce-Bled train station is 4 kilometers away from the city center.

The city center can be reached by bus (bus stop is on the other side of the road from the train station) or you can take the local taxi. There is also another possibility, where you can walk the distance from the train station to the city center on a paved path, intended for pedestrians and cyclists.

From Ljubljana to Lake Bled train station

Train trip from Ljubljana to Bled takes about two hours, which is one hour slower than taking a bus or a taxi. On the other hand, this extra time has some advantages. In fact, during a relaxed train ride you can observe the Alpine scenery, mountains, grassy areas and few historic towns along the railway line.

Distance and time when taking a train

If you want to take the train that will take you from Ljubljana to Lake Bled (city center), then you can use the railway connection, which first takes you to the town of Jesenice. In Jesenice, with the same ticket, you need to transfer to another train, which takes you all the way to Lake Bled. This way you do not need to walk or to use other transport to the city center.

Price and schedule from Ljubljana to Bled by train

The regular price for the train ride between Ljubljana and Bled costs 6.60 €. Tickets are slightly cheaper if passengers are up to 26 years old or younger. There are also discounts for families, where the ticket for a child up to 12 years of age is free of charge. Alternatively, you can take a look at all of the railway lines on the Slovenian Railways website, where you will get all the information. Through their website you can schedule your train ride from Ljubljana to Bled in advance, including the purchase of a ticket. If you don’t know much about your exact plans, then you can purchase a ticket at the main train station in Ljubljana,   from where you will start your journey to Bled.

How to get from Ljubljana to Bled by bus?

The main bus station is located in the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Main bus station is also located near the main train station. Therefore, in case you don’t know which transport to take, you can take a look at transportation schedule for trains and buses and their hours of departure, and based on the information, you can choose which transport suits you best.

The location of the main bus station in Bled lies in the Northeast part of the lake. This means that you have only a three minute walk to the city center. This alpine town is connected with regular bus lines to the nearby surroundings and all major towns across Slovenia.

Buses that transport passengers from Ljubljana to Bled go through other towns in Gorenjska, such as Kranj, Radovljica, sometimes Bohinj and Jesenice.

Flixbus Company and their prices

Flixbus is a long-distance bus shuttle that will take you from Ljubljana to Bled and back. These buses offer regular lines from the main bus station in Ljubljana to main station in Bled. They also offer direct lines, with no intermediate stops. This way you will get to your destination much faster. Prices for the single bus ticket from Ljubljana to Bled are quite reasonable, because they cost only 5 €. On their website you can order and pay for the bus tickets, where they offer safe online billing.

Getbybus Company with mobile application

Getbybus offers regular, affordable and reliable services. On their website you can book and buy bus tickets, but you can also download their mobile application through which you can track all the information related to your transport. On their website you can find the coordinates of all bus stops, so that way you will know exactly where to wait for the bus. They also offer regular bus lines from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport to other cities in Slovenia.

In Ljubljana you will get on their bus at the main bus terminal, next to the train station. In Bled you will step off the bus at the bus terminal, which is less than 600 meters away from the city center. In some cases, it is good to know, that they also offer regular lines in the night hours, even at one o’clock in the morning.  This bus company offers a bit higher prices for transportation from Ljubljana to Bled, but on the other hand, they make sure you arrive on time.

Regular bus lines from Ljubljana to Bled with Arriva Company

Arriva buses always start their bus lines at the main bus station in the capital city of Slovenia. Arriva buses drive from Ljubljana to Bled on every full hour. There are approximately 22 bus stops between the direct bus lines from Ljubljana to Bled. This means you don’t have to look for other buses, it only means, that they pick up other passengers in cities between those two destinations. They stop and pick up passengers in other parts of the capital city, and later in Medvode, Kranj, Radovljica, and Lesce.

The average driving time with this bus is about an hour and twenty minutes, which takes less time than taking the train, but on the other hand, both of these options include beautiful and relaxed views of the alpine valleys and nature. If these views along with the train or bus ride will excite you, then you should join us at our hot air balloon flight over the Lake Bled. Seeing Lake Bled from the above will give you a true romantic experience. Also, we start early in the morning, just before romantic sunrise.

Bus price from Ljubljana to Bled with Arriva Company

The regular price for a one-way bus ticket costs 7.80 €. For a one-way bus tickets from Ljubljana to Bled there are cheaper prices for children until the age of 4 and for children between ages four and ten. It is also possible to obtain quantitative discount, if you will be buying tickets for ten passengers or more. You can also buy two-way bus tickets, where the total price will be cheaper, as if you would buy just one-way tickets individually. On their website you can order bus tickets in advance and get all the information about delivery, prices and other conditions.

How to get from Ljubljana to Bled by taxi?

There are many taxi services in the capital city of Slovenia. But, you can find the taxi that will take you from Ljubljana to Lake Bled, near the main railway and bus station in Ljubljana. Taxis are here parked in a row, one after the other, so it is advisable to choose the one which offers the most favorable price. It is a good idea to negotiate for the right price in advance; therefore you will not be surprised upon arrival at Lake Bled. That’s why it’s best to come to an agreement for a fixed price which you will get with Airtrail Slovenia or Bled Shuttle. Also keep in mind, that the quickest route from Ljubljana to Lake Bled with a taxi or any other road vehicle is the road on the Gorenjska highway.

The best advantage of using a taxi is that it takes you to the exact location and right next to Lake Bled. In case, you want to come and visit our meeting point and headquarters in Bled, you can get a taxi that will bring you right to our address. Just tell the taxi driver our street name and street number. In case you get a bit lost, feel free to contact us on our mobile phone and we will help you with directions. From then on, we will start a new adventure!

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