Bled - Best sport tourist destination in the world

Bled – Best sport tourist destination in the world

In November 2016 annual World Travel Market meeting was held in London, where Bled applied in the category for Sport Tourism town and won the first place. It is also worth mentioning that among 5 finalists, there was another slovenian town Kranjska Gora, which came third in the end, while second place belonged to Fort William – Scotland, and fourth and fifth place to Roth – Germany and Westport – Ireland.

Slovenia (and Bled especially) is becoming more and more recognizable in the last few years thanks to an unique scenary and its breath taking nature beauties, amazing landscape, short distances between the points of interest, affordable prices, kind service and last but not least all of us, people involved in turism, who are doing their best in presenting our beautiful country to the rest of the world, making turist offer diverse, interesting and as close as possible to our guests wishes and puting lots of effort to make their stay with us exciting and unforgetable.

According to the National Geographic in terms of sustainability Slovenia rises above the rest. As stated in their article: »nestled amid emerald fields, snowy peaks, and sparkling waters, Slovenia was declared the world’s most sustainable country. Slovenia achieved an eye-opening 96 out of 100 detailed sustainability indicators (think environment and climate, culture and authenticity, nature and biodiversity, among others.) Nearly 60 percent of Slovenia is covered in lush forests, and more than 40 parks and reserves are home to some 20,000 different plants and animals, with a network of diverse hiking trails.«

All the employees at our outdoor agency are local young people, experienced, keen in their field of expertiees and what is most important, proud of our beautiful country and our unique town of Bled. We have a great respect for our nature, our land, our heritage, that is why guiding guests to mountains or teach them rock climbing is not really our job, but rather a responsibility, a mission. Mission to show them what are we proud of and to pass on a respect and care we have for the nature to them and all the future generations.

The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”
― Rachel Carson

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