Have you ever tasted and experienced all pleasures offered by peaceful fishing? In case you have not, then we need to emphasize, that Bled carp fishing is very relaxing and pleasant, while you catch the biggest fish in the lake, but at the same time enjoy the sounds of nature and the wonderful view of the surrounding area. All of this is possible also at Lake Bled. This world famous lake is well-known for its small island in the middle of the lake, where you can see and visit the small church and ring a bell for good luck.

Besides of beautiful surroundings of this small alpine town, carp fishing in Bled also offers an exceptional experience.

In the following article we will give you some information about the licenses and permits you need to acquire in order to gain access for fishing carps in Bled. Then we will explain some ground rules you need to follow when fishing carps, and also something about prices for fishing on the Lake Bled.

If you are not so excited about carp fishing in Bled, then we can offer you some other activities while your friends and family members are collecting some holiday memories when carp fishing on Lake Bled. We can offer you an adventurous zip line on top of the surrounding hills, just a few kilometers away from the famous lake.

Canyonig at the near gorges is also a good choice for everyone who is not afraid of high jumps and wants to explore stunning natural slides.

Different species of fish in the lake

If you decide to be a part of unique carp fishing experience in Bled when on holidays, then you might catch a fish that weighs 30 kilograms!

Pure water from the Alps, which drains into the lake, will allow you to have a clear view below the water surface and to see different species of fish, living in the lake. Among those fish that live in the lake are Wells catfish, pike, pikeperch, carp, lake trout, chub, tench, roach, common rudd, perch, grass carp and asp.

Which species of fish are allowed to fish?

Authorized fishing permit at the Lake Bled will give you the possibility to fish the following fish species:

  • trout,
  • pike,
  • perch,
  • catfish,
  • carp,
  • tench,
  • chub and
  • all species of the carp family, the only exception is the grass carp and asp.

What is so special about Bled carp fishing?

Bled carp fishing has some interesting record scores about age, length and weight. The oldest carp was 30 years old, with length of 150 centimeters and it weighed up to 50 kilograms.

When you will buy permit, you will get all the information you need. Because it is a strong fish, you need to hunt them with special rods that are stronger than regular rods. These rods are manufactured especially for carps.

Conservation period for fishing carps in Bled is between 1st of January and until the last day of March. This is the time they rest and reproduce, so they should not be disturbed. The protection period is very important for carp conservation, because if it were not taken into account, the carps would quickly extinct. Also, one license is allowing you to catch only one carp, not heavier than 7 kilograms.

Carp fishing season in Bled and permitted daily limits

The carp fishing season on Lake Bled begins on the 1st of April and is completed by 31th of December. This means that your summer holidays in this alpine town will be full of carp fishing activities.

Between April and December there are also some other rules to follow, such as permitted daily limit:

  • When you buy a valid carp fishing license in Bled, then you need to make sure you don’t exceed the permitted limit on your card. It means that one fishing license allows you to catch one trout or one perch or one pike or one carp.
  • With this license you can also catch 5 tenches, 20 chubs and 5 kilograms of common rudd.
  • Once you reach the allowable limit, then your carp fishing day in Bled is completed.
  • In any case, it is possible to buy a new license, which, on the other hand, is commonly also limited by the amount of all fish caught in one day. Therefore it is better to book permits in advance.

Fishing licenses and permitted fishing methods

 Carp fishing license on Lake Bled includes some rules regarding permitted fishing methods. These methods are defined by Ministry of agriculture, forestry and food of Slovenia. Special laws and rules are also written in the policy of the freshwater fishing. For example:

  • Pikes and lake trouts are allowed to fish only on the artificial bait.
  • Also, it is prohibited to hunt all sorts of animals that are endangered and protected with specific regulations regarding nature conservation.
  • It is also forbidden to use baits that are poisonous or baits that are containing intoxicating substances.
  • Bought license allows you to fish on the lake with a small boat or from the lake coast. It is permitted to fish with rod and bait, except for carp fishing, for which it is allowed to use two rods, where each rod has its bait. Fishing is also permitted with triple rods, but only in the case of using artificial baits.

Where can you buy carp fishing permits in Bled?

Bled carp fishing licenses are available at many sales points all over the town. These sales points are usually:

  • hotels,
  • shops,
  • restaurants,
  • so therefore they are not selling only fishing permits. Some of the most visited sales points are available on this website. Here you will find information about working hours, exact location and contact information. You can choose the nearest location and make the purchase in just few minutes.

Don’t forget to bring your identification card, since the permit card will be written on your name.

Bled carp fishing permits can be ordered and completely safely purchased at this web address. Here you can order a permit which only applies to the Bled area and choose from different months, exact dates and even which species of fish you want to hunt on the lake.

Ordering authorizations in advance will help you to get the permit before your holidays will start.

Regulated prices for Bled carp fishing

On the lake you can only fish outside of the locations marked on your cards. These places are important for animals that live in the water and outside the water, so these locations need to be preserved. No matter how much you have paid for your carp fishing permit, there is no chance to fish in the forbidden areas.

Prices for predator fishes in the lake

Prices for predator fishes in the lake will cost you exactly 35 €. With this fishing card you can catch only one fish, where you must be fishing from the shore or from a small boat. You can also use just individual equipment, which means that several people cannot be fishing with just one license.

Prices for children license on the lake

You will be able to buy permits for children, under the age of 15. Daily children card is only 13 €. Children can hunt smaller fish and not carps, trouts or any other bigger fish in the lake. Children will need accommodated equipment and baits in order not to get hurt.

Prices for Bled carp fishin

Bled carp fishing experience will cost you only 57 €. With this permit you can catch only one carp which weighs no more than 7 kilograms. Carp fishing in Bled is allowed with two rods. Rules for carp fishing in Bled also contain a policy, where you cannot be feeding the fish before the day or the date on your permit card.

Other Bled carp fishing rules

Biggest fishing family in this alpine town established some rules for everyone who wants to experience this sport:

  • Some of the rules also include the obligatory use of the right equipment.
  • Also, on the fishing site you must not cook and use any sort of fire.
  • It is also prohibited from setting all sorts of tents and bivouacs.
  • The use of deck chairs and seating chairs are allowed.
  • Your position on the lake shall not be more than hundred meters from the beach.
  • Daily fishing permit allows you to take only five kilograms of food for making fish baits. In these five kilograms there mustn’t be more than one kilogram of bait food that is animal origin.
  • Also, you must be aware that an authorized person can ask you to show your Bled fishing carp permit, your identification card, equipment and all the baits you will use on the lake. Officials control the area, because they want to make sure that fisherman are respecting the policy and have valid licenses to fish.

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