We would all agree, if we say that the original Bled cream cake is the most famous food among all dishes in the Upper Carniola region. However, it is also true that this is a dessert, which is best to eat separately, in an idyllic coffee house overlooking the lake. Nevertheless, a cream cake is not supposed to be a main dish; otherwise you will get hungry very soon after.

At the beginning, we will present some of the most traditional dishes in order to make your culinary experience in the best restaurants in Bled even more authentic and delicious.

Traditional dishes in Upper Carniola region

Upper Carniola region represent typical cuisine dishes from grains, legumes, potatoes and cabbage, meat and sausages and buckwheat spoonbread. We also cannot forget about delicious cottage cheese rolled dumplings, carps and homemade brandy.

Traditional dishes in Bled

The best restaurants in Bled area are offering some of the following traditional dishes, whose recipes have been preserved for many years. Traditional žonta is actually a mush, made from veal liver, flour and onions, where polenta, made out of corn, is a perfect side dish. In the past, carps have been used in the traditional cuisine, where a carp with tepka pears fillings represented another local dish.

Carniolan sausage, made out of finest pork, is also the most famous dish in this area, where it is part of the cultural heritage, ever since it was mentioned in the 19th Century. Cabbage and potatoes are considered as best side dishes. Traditional meat dishes also include black pudding with sour cabbage, as a side dish.


Also it comes with no surprise that canyoning is the most wanted adrenaline experience in Bled. After an amazing adrenalin adventure our guests often asked us to recommend a good restaurant with  some traditional Slovene food. We have done some research about this topic. As a result, we have prepared a unique selection of 6 best restaurants in Bled and nearby that offer tasty traditional food.

Best restaurants in Bled

In the following article, we have selected 6 best restaurants in Bled that are offering tasty, fresh and local traditional food.

Restaurant Tale Of Us

Tale of us, one of the finest restaurants in Bled, is situated in the centre of Bled, just opposite our main office on Ljubljanska Cesta 1. It is accessible on foot, by car or by bus, since it’s just a short walk away from the lake and from the bus stop, and there are plenty of parking spots nearby.

On the restaurant’s menu, you can find an extensive offer of fine dishes from a varied cuisine that includes fish or meat, as well as options for vegetarians, all complemented by a touch of the Orient. The restaurant also prides itself on the variety of wines it offers, including local wines of the highest quality.

Tale of us can host up to 50 guests in the diner, newly renovated in delicate style, where it is possible to see the work in the kitchen through the glass door. You can also enjoy your meal on the terrace, where there are currently 20 seats with plans of expansion in the near future.

Culinary perfection in Finefood Berc

Finefood Berc, one of the best restaurants in Bled, is located on Želeška road 15, only 400 meters away from the lake. When eating in Finefood Berc, you can choose between three different ambiences, where you can enjoy in the rustic interior of the diner, or you can opt for an atmosphere on the beautiful terrace and garden that is decorated with blooming flowers. The pianist will, in the evening, conjure up a romantic atmosphere that will accompany your dinner.

Finefood Berc, one of the best restaurants in Bled, is open for guests every day from April to November, from 18 pm to 23 pm. On their menu there are many local and fresh dishes, such as air dried and smoked cold cuts and cheeses from local dairies, grilled brook trout fillet with oven baked chicory and back of wild boar with buckwheat Krapi in cranberry sauce. Among other things, they also offer pljukanci with beef fillet, green peas and sun-dried tomatoes and buckwheat gnocchi with truffles. Guests are also impressed by their carefully selected wine list, which contains best quality Slovenian wines, mostly autochthonous grape varieties.


Bled Castle Restaurant

Bled Castle Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Bled, because it is located in the Bled Castle and from the open terrace it offers wonderful views of the lake, the town and the surrounding landscape. In addition, the restaurant is also known for its local dish menu. In their winter menu you can order Carniolan sausage, trout fillet, Upper Carniola salad, celery and trout caviar soup and many more. In their spring and summer menu they serve the Olio soup, a house specialty, which was inspired by the recipe that was written by Valentin Vodnik in the 18th Century. One of the best restaurants in Bled is also known for its desserts, especially the cream cake. In spring and summer months they also serve the so-called Le Potica, which is actually a traditional Slovenian walnut roll with vanilla fillings.

Bled Castle Restaurant has been completely renovated in 2015, where they now host many weddings and celebrations for other special occasions. The diner is open every day between 11 am and 10 pm. Reservations are required, especially for groups of over ten people. The outdoor terrace can host 100 guests, while smaller events take place in the Knight’s Hall.

Wine bar & Restaurant Sova

This charming restaurant Sova is located in the small village of Mlino that is only a few kilometers away from the town’s center. It is accessible on foot, by car or by a tourist train that runs from the town’s center and also stops in front of the bistro. Wine bar Sova also offers a beautiful view of the lake, as it is located in the immediate vicinity of the lake shore. Sova, one of the best restaurants in Bled, is open every day between 12 am and 22 pm. Reservations are not required, but are useful in the Bled summer season, as the restaurant is very popular, especially among foreign guests.

Their menu is very diverse and offers some traditional dishes that are typical for this area. Thus you can have a taste of a homemade mushroom soup with spelt, spaetzli with beef fillet, spelt risotto with porcini mushrooms and beef fillet slices with smoked young cheese. Sova is not only one of the best restaurants in Bled, as it is also an excellent wine bar that is offering quality Slovenian wines and homemade brandy. Among the special quality wines, we should mention a Slovenian selection of Cabernet sauvignon, Teran, Grand cuvee, Rose and many more.

Traditional restaurant Murka

Murka, one of the best local restaurants in Bled, is located on Jamova Street 12 in the city center. Its beginnings date back to 1909, when it started with local butcher shop, then the store, but only later it was reorganized into a restaurant, as it is until this day. Murka is open every day from 10 am until 22 pm. From Monday to Friday, from 10 am until 13 pm, they also offer light meals and lunches, which are affordable and always fresh.

In the Murka restaurant in Bled, you have the perfect opportunity to taste some of the best traditional dishes that were part of the Upper Carniola cuisine more than a hundred years ago. That’s why Murka is one of the best restaurants in Bled, because it is authentic, with a touch of homeliness and hospitality, which is also a characteristic feature of the locals, who live in this area. From their menu you can try traditional dishes such as veal stew with chive dumplings, barley soup with dried meat, grilled Carniolan sausage with sauerkraut, cheese curd pie with bread crumbs or mushroom sauce, trout and buckwheat with salted potatoes and sweet nut dumplings with honey.

Gostilna pri Planincu in the old city center

Gostilna pri Planincu is one of the oldest and at the same time one of the best restaurants in Bled. Ever since 1903, it is situated in the old city center, for which locals say Grad or Castle. Now we call it Castle road, which is located near the bus station. Gostilna pri Planincu consists of three main parts; in one part there is a pub, on other part there is a diner in the garden and pizzeria on the first floor. All three parts operate from 9 am in the morning until 11 pm in the evening. No reservations are required.

Gostilna pri Planincu, one of the best local restaurants in Bled, offers a variety of traditional Slovenian dishes such as goulash, beef tripe, stuffed peppers, a local cheese selection, mushrooms and beef soup with noodles, walnut rolled dumplings and shredded pancakes, named Carski praženec. Apart from the various types of beer in a pub, in the restaurant they are offering several types of homemade fruit brandy made from raspberries, blueberries and pears.

Restaurant Pension Mlino

Restaurant Pension Mlino, one of the best restaurants in Bled and nearby villages, offers a combination of an idyllic accommodation, right next to the lake, with an excellent culinary experience. Restaurant Pension Mlino is located in the small village of Mlino, which is only a kilometer away from the city center. Restaurant Pension Mlino is located by the road leading to Bohinj area. The restaurant is open every day, adapting to guests needs as it offers additional rooms for celebrations. The restaurant consists of several parts such as a bar area, a homely furnished peasant room with a baker’s oven for private celebrations, a restaurant with a fireplace, a mill basement for private gatherings and a terrace with a patio.

Restaurant pension Mlino, one of the best restaurants in Bled and nearby villages is offering their guests a variety of local and traditional dishes. In this restaurant you can try the best Bled dishes such as mushroom soup with buckwheat mash, home made cold cuts, buckwheat dumplings, grilled local trout, roasted sausage with sour cabbage, game goulash, Vension medallion with porto wine sauce, Carniolan sausage and pork medallions with boletus.

Before you visit one of these restaurants…

…we invite you to canyoning – the most wanted and unforgettable adrenaline adventure among our guests in Bled.

We hope that you will find your favorite local dish and that you will enjoy the traditional flavors in some of the best restaurants in Bled. And, bon apetit!

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