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Grajska cesta 22, Bled 4260

Locations & Meeting points

alja markelj

Alja Markelj

Multitasking is her middle name.

When you enter the Agency, the first thing that will welcome you is her wide smile. While having a degree in Environmental Sciences she always had (too) many other interests. As well as the other members of the team, also her jobs and hobbies overlap, so the clear line between work and fun is hard to draw.

After realization that life is too short to waste it on boring routine, she decided to only do things she feels enthusiastic about. Besides being at the Agency’s office and enjoying meeting people from all over the world, she also works on art projects with children with special needs, manufacturing products made out of reused wood materials, cooperating on waste water treatment projects and last but not least you might see her on TV or as a host of local events. When the summer season ends, she packs her backpack and goes seeking for an inspiration across the globe.

She was born and raised in Bled, so if you are looking for a first hand advise where to get the nicest view, how to get to the remote hidden spots, where is the best food or the cheapest beer, she has all the answers. Adrenaline rush and sports were always her big addiction, as a consequence, she knows all about climbing, mountaineering and other exciting activities that Bled and its surroundings has to offer.

If you ask her to tell you something about herself she will probably say: “I am not loud, it is just the way I speak!”