Savica Waterfall is considered to be the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia. With its height of 78 meters, it creates a powerful image of the wild alpine waters in the Triglav National Park. It lies at the upper end of the Lake Bohinj valley, not far from Ukanc village, squeezed between high gorges and rocky walls at an altitude of 900 meters and 300 meters above Lake Bohinj.

Waters flow from the Črno Lake that is one of the seven lakes in the Triglav mountain valley. Waters divide into two sections in the alpine limestone underground, where it then burst into two strands from the mighty steep wall and drop into the emerald green river pool with crystal clear water. From here the alpine stream continues its course and flows into Lake Bohinj.

Because of its natural beauty, Savica Waterfall dazzles everyone who goes on this marvelous adventure into the unspoiled nature and beautiful alpine scenery in Bohinj area. Now you just need some information about how to get to this natural wonder and what routes to take.

How to get to Savica Waterfall by train?

Trains run from the Bled railway station next to the lakeshore and the Ljubljana main railway station. You can also take your bicycles onto a train.

  • From Lake Bled: The train ride takes 20 minutes. The train runs seven times a day.
  • From Ljubljana: The train ride takes 2 hours and it leaves seven times a day. At the Jesenice train station, you have to transfer to another train heading towards Bohinjska Bistrica.

Both trains won’t take you to the Ribčev Laz village or Ukanc but will stop at Bohinjska Bistrica train station, which is also your last stop. Otherwise, Bohinjska Bistrica is only 3 kilometers away from the lake. From the railway station, you can take a 5-minute walk to the bus station, where buses run on every full hour or less. The bus ride to Ukanc takes about 20 minutes.

Hop-on Hop-off Savica Waterfall bus

In summer season from the first of July to the first of September, from the Bohinjska Bistrica railway station runs a free of charge Hop-on Hop-off bus, that also stops in other villages around Lake Bohinj. Buses leave on every few minutes and take you to the parking lot under the Savica falls. If you visit Bohinj in the off-season, you will have to walk from the train station to the bus terminal in Bohinjska Bistrica and pay a ticket for a bus ride to Ukanc.

How to get to Savica Waterfall by car?

If you start your journey in Ljubljana, then the route will take you on a highway towards Kranj. Near Jesenice take a Lesce exit and then drive on the main road towards Bled, where you will see many signs for Bohinj. Continue driving to Bohinjska Bistrica, from where it will take you only a few minutes to reach the Ribčev Laz village. There are signs throughout the village that will direct you to Savica Waterfall on the other side of the lake.

From the crossroads in Ribčev Laz, continue the 15-minute drive along the south side of the lake and towards Ukanc village. From Ukanc village there is a macadam road that is leading to the parking lot near the cottage.

The parking lot is payable during the summer months, for which you will only have to pay a few euros. The parking lot is free of charge in the wintertime. From Ljubljana to here you will drive 90 kilometers and approximately an hour and a half drive.

Free shuttle bus ride from parking lots near Lake Bohinj

If you park your car in a large payable parking lot in Bohinjska Bistrica, Srednja Vas or Ribčev Laz, during the summer season from 22 June to 15 September, a free shuttle bus will take you to Ukanc village. From here, you will continue on foot along a marked easily accessible path that will lead you to the cottage after one hour of relaxed walking.

How to get to Savica Waterfall by bus?

Regular bus lines from Bled and Ljubljana operate every day to Bohinj. Some buses will only take you to Ribčev Laz, where is also your last stop, while some buses will also drive you to Ukanc, that is only an hour walk from Savica Waterfall.

  • From Ljubljana: buses leave from the main bus terminal every two hours every day. The drive to Lake Bohinj takes two hours.
  • From Bled: there is one bus line to the Ribčev Laz village and Ukanc. The bus line operates every day where buses leave on the hour or less. The ride takes 40 minutes.

Hiking trails and a cycleway to the Savica Waterfall

A marked 5-kilometer pathway leading to Savica falls starts at the Zlatorog campsite parking lot in Ukanc. From here you will soon cross a small bridge and continue walking on an asphalt road. The road changes into a macadam path after 500 meters at the hydroelectric power plant. The first rest area with benches is a few hundred meters ahead. From here, the hiking trail leads along the left bank of the stream. After 3 kilometers you will reach a cottage and a parking lot.

The Savica cottage is also an excellent starting point for hiking in the surrounding area of the Triglav National Park. From here you can take a tour to the Komna plateau with the Komna mountain cottage. Or you can also visit the valley of Triglav seven lakes. There is a steep and well-secured trail that leads to Črno Lake and Dvojno Lake, the famous lake in the mountain valley.

You can also start the Savica Waterfall hike from Ribčev Laz, from where the pathway leads along the south of the lake to Ukanc and then on the path mentioned above. This 11-kilometer hiking trip takes about two hours.

There is also a cycleway along the same trail from Ribčev Laz but is not marked as a bicycle lane. So, you will ride on a pathway or by the side of the road. It is better to rent a mountain bike since you will drive on a macadam path, starting in Ukanc.

How to get to Savica Waterfall from the parking lot under the Savica cottage?

In the parking lot starts a marked medium-difficulty hiking trail that leads to the Savica Waterfall. It takes about 20 to 25 minutes to get to the viewpoint. The path is also suitable for smaller children and the elderly. The trail will first lead you to the cottage where you will buy a ticket. In this area, you can also find a shop with souvenirs, ice-cream, and drinks. There is also a public toilet and a restaurant.

From the cottage, the pathway leads past the stone bridge over a stream and then up the 553 stone steps. The ascent is not difficult, as the stairs are not steep. Going up the stairs is yet not possible for strollers and wheelchairs. A 100 steps later there is a picnic and rest area with tables and benches. After about 15 minutes walking up the stairs, you will get to the wooden pavilion that offers wonderful views of the Savica Waterfall.

Savica Waterfall opening hours

The tourist path from the cottage to the viewing pavilion is closed from the beginning of October to the beginning of May. During this time, they also don’t sell tickets for a sightseeing tour. A snowbound trail is plowed in good weather conditions so that visitors can pass through to the pavilion. But they don’t plow the snow when the snow blanket is too thick. The trail officially opens in spring with the traditional Savica Waterfall hike that starts in Ribčev Laz.

Savica Waterfall opening hours in summer season:

  • May, June and September: closed on Mondays; Tuesday to Friday is open from 10:00 to 18:00, and on weekends it is open from 8:00 to 19:00
  • July and August: every day from 7:00 to 22:00


Savica Waterfall entrance fee

There is a box office in the cabin above the parking lot where you can buy tickets to get to the Savica Waterfall. It is a kind of a tax for managing and maintaining trails and protecting the natural heritage within Triglav National Park. Payment can only be made by cash or by a group voucher. For now, they do not offer online ticket purchases.

You won’t be able to purchase family tickets, but children up to the age of 6 have free entry. Older children and adults pay a tax according to the current price list. For bigger groups, especially those who announce their visit beforehand, they offer additional discounts. Dogs have free entry and won’t be charged a fee. However, they must be on a leash all the time.

Savica Waterfall entrance fee at the current price list:

  • adults: 3.00 EUR /// groups: 2,70 EUR
  • children from 7 to 14 years of age: 1.50 EUR /// groups: 1.30 EUR
  • students – groups: 2,20 EUR
  • seniors over the age of 65: 50 EUR /// Groups: 2.20 EUR
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