Mountains in Slovenia are intersected with various hiking trails that are suitable for experienced mountaineers and recreational hikers. All hiking trails have in common that they awake the spirit, fill the lungs and exercise the body while hikers are exploring the unspoiled nature and the beauties of cultural heritage.

Below we describe the tours to the peaks of the most beautiful mountains in Slovenia, with summits ranging from 1900 to 2500 meters high. These mighty two-thousand-meter mounts require a bit more fitness and knowledge of the terrain to conquer the top.

In the Julian Alps, the Karavanke mountain range and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps you will get many opportunities to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views and create impressive pictures. On the way to the summit, you will be accompanied by crystal clear lakes in mesmerizing colors and traditional cottages with accommodation, food, and drinks. Some mountains in Slovenia are also suitable for enjoyable winter hikes in the snowy landscape.

~ The Julian Alps ~

1. Mt. Viševnik

Krma glacial alpine valley is surrounded by high walls of a long mountain ridge in the east, with several peaks over two thousand meters high. Among them is Mount Viševnik (2050 m). The ascent to the summit is quite undemanding. The starting point for the hiking tour is at Rudno Polje (1345 m) on the Pokljuka plateau. It takes about 2 hours to climb to the top.

Mt. Viševnik is easily accessible in wintertime. If you go on a hiking tour in the morning, you’ll have exceptional views of Mt. Triglav with the most beautiful sunrises. Views of Mt. Triglav are also stunning from the Pokljuka plateau where the ascent starts. Join us on a winter hiking adventure around Pokljuka with views of the snowy peaks of the highest mountains in Slovenia.

Vrata Valley

2. Mt. Bovški Gamsovec

Mount Bovški Gamsovec (2392 m) offers stunning views of the Mt. Triglav northern wall and the lakes near Kriški podi. Mt. Bovški Gamsovec is among the mountains in Slovenia famous for big herds of chamois. There are three challenging trails to the summit that take more than 4 hours to hike. The starting point is at Aljaž hut in Vrata Valley.

From Mt. Bovški Gamsovec you can continue along the hiking trail to the Pogačnik cabin on Kriški podi, which is set in an exceptional location at 2050 meters. With its food and accommodation offer, it is considered to be one of the best cottages in the Julian Alps. There are also famous Kriška jezera lakes, such as:

  • Zgornje Kriško Lake
  • Srednje Kriško Lake
  • Spodnje Kriško Lake

Below the Kriška wall at the end of the Krnica Valley is a popular ski touring spot. Join us for an outstanding ski touring and guided powder skiing tour. We can also go to other top destinations for ski touring in the mountains in Slovenia.

3. Mount Prisojnik

Although the north side of Mount Prisojnik is a precipitous rock face, there are three different routes to the top. The hike to Mt. Prisojnik (2547 m) starts at the Erjavec hut at an altitude of 1525 m, if you decide to take a Kopiščar hiking trail. The 4-hour hike includes climbing over the secured Ferrata.

Along the way, you will pass the Prisank window on the upper side of the north wall. It is the most famous natural window in the Julian Alps. Through 80 meters high and 40 meters wide Prisank window you will have beautiful views of the alpine valley.

The hiking trail will also guide you to Pagan girl, a face in the cliff that has a very unique story. Alternatively, you can visit the Pagan girl by booking 7 Alpine Wonder Tours and visit other attractions in the Triglav National Park with most beautiful mountains in Slovenia.

Krn lake from mount Krn

4. Mt. Krn with Lake Krn

Mount Krn (2244 m) is the highest summit in the Krn mountain range and is part of the southernmost Julian Alps. From the peak, views extend from the Julian Alps in the north to the Adriatic Sea in the south. The best time for a hiking tour is from April to October.

For experienced mountaineers, the tour is also suitable in wintertime, since the paths are well equipped with signposts. The starting point for the 4-hour hike is from Drežnica or Kuhinja uplands.

Amidst mountains in Slovenia, Mt. Krn is recognized for Lake Krn, the largest high mountain lake at an altitude of 1391 meters. It is located near the Krn Lakes alpine post. Lake Krn portrays a vivid paradise with a vibrant aquatic ecosystem. Mount Krn is also known for its history, as during World War I there was a front-line right below its peak.

5. The Valley of the seven Triglav Lakes

The Valley of the Triglav seven lakes is unique among all the mountains in Slovenia, as a glacial valley runs through the highlands in the unspoiled nature of the Triglav National Park. Here is also a home of the fairy-tale creature Goldhorn, who still watches over the treasures of this beautiful valley with seven glacial lakes.

The Triglav Lakes Valley is accessible from several starting points in Bohinj. A 6 to 10-hour hiking tour is undemanding since the trails are not steep. For your last stop, you can choose a cottage by the Triglav Lakes, or continue to the Zasavska cabin at Prehodavci (2071 m).

As you will gradually overcome the difference in altitude, you will discover all seven lakes that shine in blue-green colors. This is the most stunning hiking tour in the Julian Alps. If you would like to explore these parts of the most impressive mountains in Slovenia, you can book guided hiking in seven Triglav Lakes Valley tour.

~ Karavanke mountain range ~


6. Begunjščica mountain chain

Begunjščica, with the highest summit Veliki vrh (2060 m), is an elongated mountain range in Karavanke. It extends from Smokuška upland in the west to Saint Ana on Ljubelj in the east. Begunjščica is known for being intersected by karstic ravines and for its majestic views, especially at sunset, to the Bohinj highlands and the Martuljek group of mountains in Slovenia.

Due to easy access, the Begunjščica is visited throughout the year. In winter and spring, its scree slopes offer a suitable terrain for ski touring. You can reach the top from 14 different directions and hiking trails.

7. Mt. Stol

Mt. Stol (2236 m) is the highest peak in the D mountains in Slovenia. On its ridge runs the state border between Slovenia and Austria. Medium-difficulty hiking trails are well-marked, especially if you decide to ascend from Božca upland, from where it is also the most suitable starting point for a winter hike.

To climb Mt. Stol, you will need around 4:30 hours. You will pass the bivouac and then continue to Veliki Muzec (1630 m). From there on, there is a steeper trail to the peak. At the top, you will have stunning views of the Western Julian Alps.

Spik Mountain in Julian Alps

8. Mount Trupejevo Poldne

Trupejevo poldne (1931 m) lies in the northwestern part of the Karavanke mountain range. The top offers beautiful views of the Martuljek group of mountains in Slovenia, such as Mt. Jalovec, Prisojnik and Mt. Špik, and the views of the Austrian landscape. The 2-hour hiking tour starts at Srednji vrh and continues across Vošca mountain pastures to the summit.

You can also hike to the top in wintertime. For safer climb in the snow, you can hike across the Železnica section. Along the way, you will pass fascinating spots such as Jerman Waterfalls, Hladnik Waterfall and Hleban homestead in Srednji vrh.

~ Kamnik – Savinja Alps ~

9. Mt. Ojstrica

Mount Ojstrica (2350 m) is positioned in the eastern part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, with its distinctive pyramid peak visible far and wide. Its northern wall, which falls 600 meters deep and eventually descends to the bottom of Logar Valley, offers quite a few rock climbing routes. At the top, there are the most beautiful views of the Kamnik-Savinja mountains in Slovenia.

The crossing of two-thousand-meter-high Mt. Ojstrica is suitable for experienced mountaineers in good shape. There are three starting points for hiking tours to the top, such as:

  • Kocbek cottage on Korošica
  • Alpine post on the Kamnik sedlo
  • Hut on Klemenča Jama under Ojstrica
Holding on rock in Slovenia Historical route

10. Mount Skuta

Mt. Skuta (2532 m) offers more challenging mountaineering tours. The route across the Žmavčarje to the bivouac in Mali podi is quite long and steep, as you ascent for 1200 meters. From the Mali podi to the summit, the trail is very demanding and suitable for mountaineers used to climbing in protected routes.

Unique spots by the hiking trail to the top are:

  • Glacial boulder Griča
  • Mali and Veliki podi under southern walls: karstic formations like grooves, hollows, and big chasms
  • The most beautiful bivouac in the mountains in Slovenia: aesthetic and architectural surplus bivouac with three lodging modules. Both sides are in glass and offer panoramic views of the valley and Mt. Skuta.
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