Lake Bled in winter is an enchanting and romantic place, especially when the landscape is covered in snow that is shining in the morning sun. An idyllic alpine town surrounded by mighty mountains is perfect for spending vacations in wintertime.

Visit this alpine pearl during the Christmas season, when the town is decorated with Christmas lights. If you would like to have more active Lake Bled winter holidays, we have prepared a wide range of unforgettable outdoor adventures.

Amazing views from Bled Castle

Visit Bled Castle that stands on a high cliff above the town. From the top of the mighty fortress, you will have beautiful views of the Lake Bled in winter landscape, a lake with an islet and the surrounding snowy hills.

The views are especially stunning during the festive days when the town sparkles with thousands of lights. You can also visit the interior of more than a thousand-year-old castle and see museum exhibitions, a printer works, a wine cellar, and castle forge.

Romantic walk around

Walk around and discover beautiful places along the lakeshore. The 6-kilometer path will also lead you on the wooden footbridges above the water, which are located near the park of the Hotel Vile Bled.

From here you can enjoy views of the eastern lakeside, the islet, and the castle. In the heart of the town, don’t forget to stop by and take photographs at festive Bled Heart. The picture of Lake Bled in winter will also capture the island in the background.

An unforgettable ride in a horse-drawn carriage

Take a ride through the snow-capped town in a traditional horse-drawn carriage, also called fijakerji. The carriage will take you for a 30-minute drive around the lake, through city streets and the surrounding area.

It can also take you to the castle above the town. The carriage stop is located at the Festival Hall in the center. This is a truly romantic experience, especially because of the lovely Lake Bled in winter.

Ice rink with a view and many events

Ice rink on the outdoor terrace of Park Café with stunning views of the lake is open from late November to early March. When ice skating, you will be entertained by various animations and events such as ice curling, ice dancing and skating in the rhythms of popular music.

There are also short ice-skating courses for children and music performances on the ice rink. The Park Café also organizes night torch lit hikes by the lake, which is an enjoyable experience in the snowy Lake Bled in winter.

Relaxed hike to Osojnica hill

Go on an easy hiking trip that will take you to the top of Osojnica hill. From Velika Zaka continue along the lakeshore to the foot of the hill and then up the trace. From the top, you will have the most impressive views of Lake Bled in winter.

It takes about 45 minutes to climb the hill. You can also climb other hills above the lake, such as Ojstrica, Ravnica, Višče and Grad.

Advent Bled with beautiful nativity scenes

During the Christmas season, you can see the nativity scenes that are set on the promenade by the lake. A meter-tall forms and statues depict the birth of Christ and reveal the secrets of Christmas, which is especially magical in Lake Bled in winter.

Advent Bled also offers an exhibition of nativity scenes in the castle chapel. So, you can buy a ticket to see the castle and the beautiful Christmas cribs.

Festive Lake Bled in December

Lake Bled in December is exceptionally festive as you can stroll around lakeshore promenade and stop by at Christmas stalls and taste traditional Upper Carniola dishes and delicious hot drinks. Here you can also buy unique Christmas presents. The promenade is adorned with a big Christmas tree.

A particularly exciting event is a medieval dance with the Lord of the Manor, which takes place in the castle three times in the last month of the year.

Winter swimming world championship

If you visit Lake Bled in winter in early February, then you can watch an exciting sports event such as the winter swimming world championship at Mala Zaka on the lakeshore. Contestants from different countries will swim in the cold lake.

The sports event has a diverse competition program as participants compete in 13 different swimming disciplines. Visiting the winter swimming world championship has free entry, while the competition will take place all weekend.

Visit island with traditional pletna boat

After a walk around Lake Bled, you can visit the famous island with St. Mary’s Church. To get there, you can take a ride with a traditional pletna boat. A boatman who rows a wooden boat will drive you to the island haven.

From there, climb the famous 99 steps, and at the top of the islet, ring the legendary Bell of desire. Cruising with pletna boat is possible if Lake  is not covered in ice.

A memorable celebration of the new year

Lake Bled in December represents the perfect opportunity for a memorable celebration of the new year. Many hotels organize New Year’s Eve parties and festive dinners featuring live music. You can also celebrate New Year’s Eve in bars and pubs in town.

The celebration of the new year also takes place on the central promenade. At midnight you will be able to watch the beautiful bonfire on the lake.

Pampering in wellness centers

When it’s cold outside and you have just returned from a long walk, then it is nothing better than to relax in a warm thermal bath or in a sauna that completely warms the body. Lake Bled in winter is a popular destination for pampering, as here are plenty of wellness and spa centers with attractive offers. Treat yourself with a massage, swim in a pool or relax in the thermal pools.

Bled ski resort Straža

Although Lake Bled in winter is not a typical sports center, it nevertheless offers a ski slope on the Straža Hill above the lake, just a short walk from the town’s center. In smaller Bled ski resort Straža you can enjoy stunning views of the lake and the castle while going down the slope with skis or a snowboard.

Bled ski resort Straža also offers night skiing, a ski school, equipment rental, and a children’s snow park. There is also a buffet with food and drinks.

Taste delicious traditional Slovenian dishes

In the best restaurants you can try traditional Slovenian dishes such as rolled dumplings, žganci or spoonbread, rolled dough Slovenian cake or potica, Carniolan sausage and much more. Some restaurants prepare these dishes according to old recipes, while others add a touch of modern cuisine with flavors that will take you on a unique culinary journey.

For dessert, you must taste the famous cream cake or kremšnita, which is a confectionery specialty made from layers of golden baked butter dough crust, whipped cream and vanilla cream.

Adventurous ski touring in the Julian Alps

If you would like to ski down the powder snow and escape from the crowds on the ski slopes, you can book Lake Bled skiing and ski touring adventure. With our guide, you will go down the white slopes on unmarked ski runs.

This town is ideal for ski touring Slovenia adventure with a combination of mountaineering and freeriding in the hidden spots in the Julian Alps.

Fun sledding through the snowy landscape

Sledding is one of the most fun and exciting Lake Bled winter activities for children and adults. With our guide, you will drive to one of the hills near the lake and take a sled ride downhill through the snowy landscape.

Bled offers several starting points for fun sledding, as some of the surrounding hills have well-maintained sledding terrains. If you would like to feel more adrenaline, you can join us on an exciting night sledding on an illuminated track.

Lake Bled in winter – alpine wonders tour

Join us on an amazing tour through the Triglav National Park, where you will discover the best sights in the Julian Alps with a local guide. Day tour across the beautiful snowy landscape will lead you to several alpine wonders, such as Lake Bohinj, Pokljuka plateau, frozen Peričnik Waterfall, Zelenci Springs, and others.

Lake Bled in winter is an excellent starting point for going on day trips and discovering the most beautiful natural sights, as they are less than 30 minutes’ drive away.

Explore the magical winter wonderland with snowshoes on

Guided hike with snowshoes on is one of the best Lake Bled winter activities, as you will be able to explore the unspoiled nature and magical winter wonderland of Bled and snowy landscape in the heart of the Triglav National Park.

Snowshoeing in Slovenia is a perfect opportunity to discover beautiful places while you glide silently through the soft snow blanket and breathe the fresh mountain air.

Authentic mountaineering and hiking tours in wintertime

If you would like to spend Lake Bled winter holidays actively and in unspoiled nature, then you can go on a hiking tour through the snowy landscape in the embrace of the Julian Alps. Book a winter hiking tour as part of the Lake Bled in winter offer, and with our guide, set out to the Pokljuka plateau where the easy hiking trail begins.

The trail will lead you through an enchanted forest and up to high mountain meadows, offering striking views of the snow-capped peaks of the Julian Alps and alpine valleys that are gleaming in the early morning sun.

Take the challenge and climb Mt. Triglav in the cold season

Climbing Mt. Triglav is one of the most challenging, adventurous and inspiring Lake Bled winter activities that will give you a lot of adrenaline. With our professional and experienced guide, you will climb the highest mountain in Slovenia and be surrounded by snowy scenery on your way to the top.

Book a climbing Triglav tour in our special Lake Bled in winter offer and spend two days in the mighty Julian Alps. At the end of the first day you will sleep in a mountain hut below the summit, and the next day you will ascend to the top of Mt. Triglav.

Active day on Lake Bled winter holidays

Spend an active day in the embrace of the mighty Julian Alps and discover many hidden magical winter spots in Triglav National Park. Thus, you will enjoy cross-country skiing on the Pokljuka plateau, as here is the home of biathlon.

Then you will put snowshoes on and explore the beautiful alpine nature in wintertime. There is also one other activity in our Lake Bled in winter offer. You can learn ice climbing techniques on ice sculptures and frozen waterfalls in the area.

The ski bus drives you to the most popular ski resorts nearby

Bled is an excellent starting point for many popular Slovenian, Italian and Austrian ski resorts nearby. During vacation, you can go on different Lake Bled skiing adventures and ski on different ski slopes.

You can buy a Julian Alps ski pass, which allows you to ski in 14 ski resorts in the surrounding area. A ski bus will take you there and back. So, you can ski on slopes in Vogel, Krvavec, Kranjska Gora, Zoncolan, Forni di Sopra, Kanin, and many others.

Ice skating on Lake Bled in winter

Is Lake Bled frozen? Lake Bled in winter freezes only when outdoor temperatures are very low for a few weeks. Therefore, the water surface becomes covered in ice every few years.

Do not miss the opportunity and rent ice-skates at the restaurant and cafe of hotel Park and set out on an exceptional adventure on ice. In addition to ice skating, you will also see people playing ice hockey. However, make sure that the ice is thick enough as safety is very important.

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