Rafting Slovenia

Our Rafting Slovenia tours are pure adventure in a glorious nature of beatiful rivers

During your holiday in Slovenia Rafting tours are a perfect team activity that you can share with your friends. You now have the chance to experience it on Europe's most beautiful rivers like Soča and Sava and experience places like Bled, Bohinj and Bovec.

During rafting on Soča you will see, why it is referred as »The emerald river«, and experience different rafting difficulties. On the other hand, rafting on the river Sava offers a more relaxing option of rafting in Slovenia, which is also suitable for families with small children.

  1. Minirafting (Sava River)
    2 - 3 hours
  2. Fun Rafting  (Sava River)
    2 - 3 hours
  3. Emerald Rafting - short (Soča River)
    2 - 3 hours