Ultimate canyoning Bovec - Canyoning Soča

Canyoning Soča river is one of the best adventure activities, that will take you to an amazing scenery of the great Kozjak waterfall.

There are some very spectacular jumps up to 20m and rappels through narrow walls. The lucky ones who will get to experience this canyon will be stunned by its natural beauties. Have you ever swam in the crystal clear emerald Soča water? Now you can - try yourself!

One way canyoning time: 110 min (Soča region)


Duration: 7 hours

Difficulty: 3 / 5 (suitable for children)

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  • Are you an adrenalin lover?
  • Do you wish to experience a lot of adrenalin?
  • Do you like water?
  • Would you like to slide through narrow walls and tunnels?
  • Would you like to have fun in a little bit different way?

Do not hesitate and join in the ultimate canyoning Bovec on Soča river. Contact us by e-mail to info@altitude-activities.com or phone us at +386 70 138 811 and you will be able to join our amazing team and have lots of great fun.

This activity on Soča river is one of the best adventure activities that will take you through the amazing scenery of the great Kozjak waterfall. During the canyonig Bovec adventure, you will enjoy natural attractions and exceptional views and scenes. The Soča river is a very clean river and one of the cleanest in Europe, it is not without reason marketed as The Emerald Beauty. It was called like that because of the really clear green water and white stones in it, which look like pearls through the waves when the sun shines on them. It is truly a great and unforgettable view. You will never forget that beauty and for sure you will love to come back several times.

Price: 160,00 €

Canyoning Bovec gives you some very spectacular jumps up to 20 meters and rappels through narrow walls. The lucky ones who will get to experience this canyon will be stunned by its natural beauties. You will be able to enjoy sliding through natural tunnels, you will be dropping over waterfalls and having an extremely fun time. You will experience even more fun if you come with a bigger group of your buddies and friends; the more of you come, the better your adventure will be. Have you ever swum in the crystal-clear emerald Soča water? Now you can – try yourself!

Duration: 7 hours
One-way canyoning Bovec time: 110 min (Soča region)

More about canyoning Soča in Bovec


  • we are very well aware that the water of the river Soča in the canyon is cold, but don't worry, we will take care of you;
  • with our agency, you can rent or buy the thickest and brand-new neoprene equipment for a special price for our guests who will join canyoning Bovec;
  • the neoprene that you will get in our house will keep you warm and enable a really enjoyable adventure;
  • our guides are very experienced and they are all certified instructors for canyoning Soča river;
  • we will take care of everything, all you have to do is come to Bovec in Slovenia and join the amazing adventure which you will never regret;


  • safety is of utmost importance for us, because we always place the safety of our guest first;
  • all our instructors are licensed lifeguards and canyoning guides who will make you feel safe and motivate you to bring out the best;
  • we will equip you with all the gear and suits you need so that you will be able to have the most fun in canyoning Bovec without any major risk;


  • nature is the ruler of our business, we are well aware of that;
  • the weather during canyoning Bovec and in the river Soča area can be very unpredictable;
  • since we sell outdoor activities, there are no guarantees that the weather will hold;
  • canyoning can be very enjoyable even during a light rain, but it is not advisable for everybody; for such an experience, you should be in a little bit better physical and mental shape;
  • in case of cancellation or interruption of canyoning due to rain or any other unfavorable weather conditions, you will be offered an alternative activity or a full money refund;


  • photos can ensure that your memories will never be forgotten;
  • memories fade, so you should take some pictures which you will be able to look over in the future and show to your grandchildren and tell them a great story of your wonderful experience with canyoning in Slovenia;
  • we can take photos with a professional camera for your or we can even film a movie for you;
  • all the photos or movies we make for you can also be ordered online, so you can order it even when you are already at home and you decide you would like to have more incredible memories you've made with the canyoning Bovec adventure;


The highlight of our Europe trip

Me and two buddies went on an ultimate canyoning Soča trip and it was definitely worth the time and money. Our guide was funny, extremely friendly and overall a blast! He made sure everyone knew what was going on and understood how to take on the canyon in a safe manner and ensured everyone thoroughly enjoyed their experience. (Tynan M, 25, Belgium).


  • everything included: transport, neoprene suit and shoes, harness and a helmet.
  • what to bring: swimsuit, towel, a bottle of water and good will;
  • safety requirements: this activity is not recommended for people with heart issues or pregnant women, even in case of only slight health issues, please consult with a guide;
  • minimal heights: 120 cm
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