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Drop in the middle of Via ferrata Slovenia in Mala Mojstrovka

Historical Route Mojstrovka

Mount Mala Mojstrovka with its 2332 metres is the home to one of the first via ferrata routes in Slovenia’s mountains. You will climb with a help of fixed iron ropes, 500 metres up through the north wall of Mojstrovka mountain. You will reach a peak overlooking the most majestic mountains of the Julian Alps.  
Triglav Fairytale route near Mojstrana in Slovenia

Triglav Fairytale Route

This via ferrata route is located in the beautiful canyon of a fairytale-like alpine village called Gozd Martuljek. The village is known for its majestic views over the spectacular mountain range of Martuljek, with spiky Špik in the middle. You will climb a fixed rope route in the Hvadnik canyon, up the stream of a Hvadnik brook to the top of the canyon where you can admire the views of the Špik mountain range.