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Rock climbing kindergarden Slovenia

Rock Climbing for kids

This activity is perfect for active families. The guide will teach the parents how to belay and the children will learn how to climb safely, so that you will be able to spend quality time climbing with your children back at home.
Rock Climbing 10 Routes

Rock Climbing 10 Routes

This option is suitable for all those who would like to spend a half-day training with a professional. Your guide will teach you different rock climbing techniques. You will climb ten routes graded 3-7a+ in the heights of 25 metres.
Rock climbing close to Lake Bled

Rock Climbing 6 Routes

This is our most popular option for all rock climbing enthusiasts who are confident in their fitness. The guide will teach you the basics of climbing. You will climb six routes graded 3-7a+ at heights of 25 metres.
Lake Bled Rock climbing in Bohinjska Bela

Rock Climbing 3 Routes

Would you like to try rock climbing and you have never done it before? The 3 routes option is suitable for all beginners and everyone who has little time for it. You will climb 3 routes graded from 3a to 7a+ in the heights of 25 metres.