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Via Ferrata Set

Via Ferrata Set-Equipment Rent

Slovenia, yet known as the most mountainous country in the European Union, is becoming more and more popular for via ferrata-route. Via ferrata is the route where you use the steel cables to secure yourself and limit any fall. Consequently, to these protected iron routes being placed all over the Alpine region, many of the previously unaccessible tops are now within reach. Via ferrata is a great idea for outdoor activity in Slovenia, a combination of hiking and climbing. At Altitude activities, we have gathered a few Via ferrata tips along the way and will be happy to share those with you. But first, we want to ensure you will be safe during your via ferrata trip. Therefore we offer to rent the complete high-quality via ferrata set gear. With this equipment and the best information, you will be able to enjoy the trip to the fullness.
Via Ferrata equipment for rent

Via ferrata System- Equipment Rent

To cross the iron trails the via ferrata system is an important…
climbing equipment rental-quickdraw

Climbing Equipment Rental- Quickdraw

Climbing is a very popular sport in Slovenia so many of you are surely planning to include it in your itinerary while being here. And guess what you don't even need to bring your own climbing equipment. We offer you the climbing equipment rental either you need all or only a piece or the compleat gear.  
Climbing carabiner

Climbing Carabiner- Climbing Equipment Rental

What is climbing Carabiner? The climbing carabiner is an important…

Gri Gri – Climbing Equipment Rent

What is Gri Gri? It is a belay device designed for either indoor…
Equipment Rent - Backpack

Hiking backpack- Mountaineering Equipment Rent

Travelling, hiking, exploring around everything usually comes together with a backpack. There are all sorts of the backpack and you normally choose a backpack according to the purpose. Many of you are travelling around either with big backpacks for travelling around and would additionally need a smaller one to take some hike in this beautiful Slovenia. Or some of you would like to do multi-day hikes needing a bigger size Backpack. Well, that is no problem just stop by our office and choose a hiking backpack to rent for your adventure
climbing rope

Climbing Rope- Climbing Equipment Rental

Before experience the outdoors in Slovenia to the fullest there is one more thing you need to take care of about-your safety. Rock climbing, ice climbing and even canyoning can be done safely without a proper climbing rope.  
Equipment Rent - Climbing Shoes

Equipment Rent – Climbing Shoes

Besides all the safety equipment, climbing shoes are a very important…
Equipment Rent - Gloves

Hiking Gloves – Mountaineering Equipment Rent

Hiking gloves are one of the most important accessory ussualy…
Equipment rent - Headlamp

Headlamp- Mountaineering Equipment rental

A headlamp is a very useful essential for everyone enjoying the…