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Powered Paragliding

Powered Paragliding above Lake Bled

Discover the thrill of powered paragliding in Bled, Slovenia, as you soar high above the Julian Alps and Karavanke mountains. This adrenaline-pumping activity offers panoramic views of Lake Bled, the Sava River, and the lush countryside. Powered paragliding combines the use of a parachute with a small motor, providing comfortable harnesses and stunning panoramic views. With experienced tandem instructors ensuring safety, even beginners can enjoy this adventure. Book your spot today for an unforgettable experience.
Paragliding Lake Bled And Sourroundings

Unforgettable Paragliding Lake Bled

Paragliding Bled is the best way to experience the natural beauties of the Bled area and other parts of the Gorenjska region from the birds’ perspective. You will fly near and above the famous lake and admire its unique island on one side and the magnificent Bled castle (which looks like it is »keeping an eye« on the lake) on the other side. During the flight, you will have an amazing view over the highest Slovene mountains; the peaks of the Julian Alps, Karavanke Mountains, and the Kamnik–Savinja Alps. On a bright sunny day, you can see the panoramic views extending across the Austrian border. IMPORTANT INFO: Since this activity is very weather-dependent, you only need to book a spot on the trip. To book this activity, you pay a deposit of 30€ per person. The rest is paid on the spot to the guides.