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Biking trip to Kranjska Gora

Biking trip from Bled to Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is a mountain skiing resort prospering in winter as well as in summer. On the biking trip from Bled to Kranjska Gora, you will ride on a forest cycling road so you needn't worry about traffic. The endpoint of this trip is a beautiful alpine lake Jasna, where you can swim and have lunch.  
Triglav National Park biking tour

Triglav National Park Biking Trip

Radovna valley is a gate to Triglav National Park. On biking trip Triglav, you will ride across meadows and forests to see a relic of an old Radovna village. On the way back you can even stop and refresh in the chalk lake.
Bled roundabout biking tour

Bled Roundabout Biking Trip

Join a group of mountain biking enthusiasts that would like to see Bled and its surroundings in an active way. You will have plenty of time on the biking trip Bled to take some great photos in action and to replenish yourself with ice cream. Our local guides will show you sights that you won't find in a travel guidebook.  
Active biking Pokljuka

Active biking Pokljuka

When people say Slovenia is a green country, they have mind our highest plateau Pokljuka which is full of alpine spruce in mind. However active biking Pokljuka will clear your lungs - not only because you will breathe the refreshing mountain air, but also because you will ride uphill. If you make it to the top without walking you should be really proud of yourself.