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Underground kayaking experience

Cave kayaking experience

The underground mine adventure you will never forget. Join our guides on a 4-hour adventure, as they lead you 700m under the earth’s surface into Mežica Mines. Explore an underground world carved throughout the centuries by our miners, a peaceful and unforgettable kayaking experience.
Soča kayaking

Soča river kayaking in Bovec

Soča river kayaking in Bovec is one of the most popular activities, during which you will enjoy breathtaking beauty and the emerald color of the river. While kayaking from Bovec on Soča river you will notice its emerald-green water, which is the reason it is called "The Emerald Beauty." It is said to be one of the rare rivers in the world that retain such a color throughout their length. Kayaking Bovec tour on such beauty means seeing it in a special all-around perspective. Meet us in Bovec or have your transport organized.
Fun Kayaking Sava River

Fun kayaking Sava river

The Sava is one of the longest rivers in Europe and among a handful of European rivers of that length that do not drain directly into a sea. There are several sports and recreational grounds located on the river. Tacen Whitewater Course, located on the right bank of the Sava in Tacen suburb of Ljubljana, was built as a permanent kayaking course already in 1948 and is a venue of International kayaking competition.