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Horseback riding

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, riding through serene paths with well-trained horses and expert guides. Ideal for all skill levels, this journey offers a peaceful escape into the countryside, promising memorable moments and breathtaking views. Experience the joy of connecting with nature and these majestic animals in a picturesque setting.
Horseback riding in Slovenia.

Horseback Riding – Hidden Chalk Lake Discovery

Ride across river Radovna and flowery meadows to reach…
Little Girl Taking Horse Riding Lessons in Slovenia

Horseback riding for kids

Allow your kid to sit on a horse's back. Kids will have…

Horseback riding – flowery meadow route

A ride through the woods takes you to the mountain pasture Rtična,…
horseback riding in Lake Bled

Horseback riding – enchanted forest path

Triglav National park is all about the natural heritage. Long mesmerizing meadows, beautiful streams hidden in the deep forest, spellbinding views on the peaks of Julian Alps are just a few reasons worth of exploration. One of the best ways to experience the divine nature is for sure with horseback riding.
Horseback Riding - Mountain Stroll

Horseback riding in Slovenian mountains

Pack everything you need for the road in the saddlebacks and…

Triglav horseback riding

On the horseback riding Triglav, the way leads you to Triglav…