Triglav Special offer, hike from the small Triglav to the Top

Special offer for climbing Triglav in 2 days

You will be hiking and climbing for 2 days on the guided tour to Mountain Triglav. This is a special offer which is available every Sunday and every Wednesday. Suitable for people who would lie to save some money and who would like to join bigger groups.
Climbing Triglav in 1 day ridge climb, Slovenian mountains

Triglav from the last cabin to the peak and back

This trip is recommended for those would like to save some money and already have experience in mountaineering. You will hike to the last hut by yourself. Mountain guide will pick you up and take you safely to the summit and back. Safe yet still an adventurous way to hike.
The highest mountain in Slovenia, mount Triglav

Climbing Triglav in 2 days

You will experience climbing the highest mountain and sleeping in the highest mountain hut in Slovenia. If you are moderately physically fit, enjoy sports, hiking, and stunning mountain views, this option is perfect for you. The tour will take two days of approximately 8h walking per day.
Mount Triglav Guiding

Climbing Triglav in one day

This tour is a guided 1-day hike to the top of Mt. Triglav. You will be able to experience how it is to challenge yourself by 20km of hiking on steep terrain. Climbing Triglav in 1 day is not an easy task, so it is good that you are physically prepared. From the Krma valley to the top of Triglav, you will make 1950m of altitude difference, which should add up to approximately 12-14 hours of hiking.