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Climbing Mount Triglav in Slovenia

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Descending from Triglav mountain in winter conditionsMatevz Vukotic

Climbing Triglav in Winter

Let this vacation brings you a unique opportunity of waking up in a snowy mountain cabin with amazing views of the Julian Alps. Experience something not many will do in their lives and make the winter ascent to the highest mountain of Slovenia. Take the challenge and climb Triglav in the winter in two days with us.
Triglav Special offer, hike from the small Triglav to the Top

Special offer for climbing Triglav in 2 days

Experience the beauties of Slovenia's highest peak Triglav and surrounding mountains in a fun way by meeting new people from all over the world. Available every Sunday and every Wednesday from 20th June to 30th September, this tour is suitable for all of you who would like to save some money or join bigger groups.
Mount Triglav Guiding

Climbing Triglav in one day

Challenge yourself by hiking on steep terrain, climbing a Via Ferrata and conquering Triglav mountain in one day. This is not an easy task, so it is good that you are physically and mentally well-prepared. From the Krma valley to the top of Triglav, you will gain 1950 metres of altitude difference, and 20 kilometres in distance, which is a demanding route. You can do this with our professional guides!
The highest mountain in Slovenia, mount Triglav

Climbing Triglav in 2 days

Stand on the top of the highest mountain in Slovenia and sleep in the highest mountain hut in Julian Alps. If you feel that you are physically fit, enjoy sports, hiking, and stunning mountain views, then climbing Triglav is the best adventure for you. 
Climbing Triglav in 1 day ridge climb, Slovenian mountains

Triglav from the last cabin to the peak and back

This trip is recommended for those who would like to save some money and already have experience in mountaineering. You will hike to the last hut by yourself. The mountain guide will pick you up at the hut and take you safely to the summit and back. Safe yet still an adventurous way to hike.