Ice climbing in Slovenia

Ice climbing in Slovenia

Let this vacation brings you a unique opportunity to go ice climbing with the world championship winner Matevž Vukotić. Highly qualified guides will teach you some basic rope handling and ice climbing techniques. The activity will take you not more than half of day to experience something different with climbing the frozen waterfall. It is performed in small groups and includes all the technical gear in the price.
Multi Pitch - The Face Of Sphinx

Multi Pitch – The Face Of Sphinx

This climbing route is a basis of a movie called the Sphinx that shows ascend at the toughest climbing route at the north face of Triglav. Its specialty is a picturesque overhanging wall that offers a fair dose of adrenaline. The route can be climbed with technical gear (ladder...) or in freestyle. A pre-tour that serves as a training and physical preparation is included in the price.
Multi Pitch - The Čop's Pillar

Multi Pitch – The Čop’s Pillar

Experience the story of one of the most notable and accredited Slovenian alpinists Joža Čop. During the second world war, he decided to climb this route if he would survive. He started the climb accompanied by his female friend Pavla Jesih.
Multi Pitch - Long German Route

Multi Pitch – Long German Route

The German route has great historical value due to its difficult problems. Beautiful, more than 1000 m long line offers everything: from easy climbing to advance climbing on steel verticals. The exit is at Kugy's shelves or at the very peak of Triglav which adds a great value to the experience. This route is recommended only for experienced climbers.
Multi Pitch - Bavarian Route

Multi Pitch – Bavarian Route

The route was primarily climbed by two German climbers. At the time this was far the most demanding route in the north face of Triglav. The climb is more advanced and constant that in the short German route. It exists at the altitude of 2200 m (Zimmer-Jahn) or extends to long German route to Kugy's shelves (2500 m).

Trad Multi Pitch – Short German Route

A very popular route due to its enjoyable way of climbing. The route is suitable for beginners as well as for more experienced climbers. The route offers solid rock formation as an alternative to plateau wall.
Multi Pitch - Slovenian Route

Multi Pitch – Slovenian Route

This is indeed the most undemanding climbing route of the Triglav's north face but it is not to be underestimated due to its steep, precipitous walls.
Rock climbing kindergarden Slovenia

Rock Climbing for kids

This offer is made for active families. The guide will teach the parents how to belay and the children how to climb safely so that you will be able to spend quality time climbing with your children back at home.
Rock Climbing 10 Routes

Rock Climbing 10 Routes

This option is suitable for all those who would like to spend a day training with a professional. Your guide will teach you different climbing techniques. You will climb ten routes graded 3-7a + the heights of 25 meters.
Rock climbing close to Lake Bled

Rock Climbing 6 Routes

This is our most popular option for enthusiasts who are confident in their fitness. The guide will teach you basic of climbing. You will climb six routes graded 3-7a + the heights of 25 meters.