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Night canyoning

Night Canyoning Bled Lake

Warm summer nights are perfect for night canyoning adventure near Bled. Upper Carniola region is home of some amazing canyons and with night canyoning you will be offered a unique opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime.
Canyoning near Bohinj Lake, enjoying time with family.

Family canyoning

Family canyoning Bled is fun for children, young and all those who are afraid of high jumps. The gorge also offers a zip-line descent and is full of beautiful natural slides.
Extreme canyoning swiming in the water

Extreme Canyoning

If you like extreme experiences, you should try extreme canyoning in Soča area (reaching the starting point takes about an hour). But it's definitely worth the drive.  The gorge offers a lot of slides&rappels and high jumps.
Ultimate canyoning Soča river

Ultimate canyoning Bovec – Canyoning Soča

Canyoning Soča river is one of the best adventure activities, that will take you to an amazing scenery of the great Kozjak waterfall. There are some very spectacular jumps up to 20m and rappels through narrow walls. The lucky ones who will get to experience this canyon will be stunned by its natural beauties. Have you ever swam in the crystal clear emerald Soča water? Now you can - try yourself!
Canyoning Guide Jumping into the Pool, Bohinj Area

Amazing canyoning Bled or Bohinj

Amazing canyoning Bled is our most popular canyoning adventure, suitable for all those who want to experience an extra pinch of adrenaline. There are several high jumps, the highest being around 10 m high. However, don't be afraid. If you don't want to jump, our guides will lower you down with a rope.