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Canyoning Sušec

Canyoning adventures in Bovec

Canyoning in Bovec offers a thrilling activity in the summer months that brings unforgettable experiences in the magnificent nature of Slovenia. This picturesque town, nestled in the heart of the Julian Alps, is the perfect backdrop for a day of adventure and excitement. Let's dive deep into what canyoning close to small town Bovec has to offer.

To ensure availability for this activity which is dependent on weather and water levels, you can make an online booking by paying a small deposit of 16.25€ per person. The remaining amount (48,75 € pp) is to be paid directly to the guide on the day of the trip.

Sušec canyoning

Even though the Soca River Valley often buzzes with tourists, Sušec Canyon, known as Slovenia's crown jewel, holds a special allure for those craving an adrenaline rush. Brimming with various outdoor activities, the canyon tempts with heart-pounding jumps, tricky rappels, and refreshing swims. Each activity promises a blast of fun and an experience to remember, no matter how many fellow adventurers are around. And let's not forget, besides the beloved rafting, it ranks as the top go-to activity in Bovec.
Water Park Canyoning

Water Park Canyoning

This canyon takes place near the Slovenian Border. It is just 1h 30 minutes away from Lake Bled. The Canyon name is Rio Simon. Canyon offers diverse techniques like rappelling, jumping, sliding, swimming and walking. This Waterpark canyoning takes longer than TNP canyoning in Slovenia. If you are really canyoneer enthusiast, then this canyon will not leave you disappointed.
Ultimate canyoning Soča river

Ultimate canyoning Bovec – Canyoning Soča

Discover the hidden beauty of the Kozjak Waterfall as you embark on an unforgettable canyoning experience in Slovenia. Immerse yourself in the pristine natural surroundings and let the adrenaline flow as you navigate through this magical landscape. The Ultimate Canyoning experience promises to be a thrilling and memorable excursion, perfect for adventure-seekers and nature lovers.
An adventurer enjoying natural tobogganing, leaping into the water, and rappelling down a waterslide in Triglav National Park's canyons

Triglav National Park Canyoning

TNP Canyoning is the longest guided canyon in Slovenia. It offers rappels, jumps, and slides. The stunning scenery in this canyon is a major draw. Most of the time, we see clear water and unspoiled nature. The canyon's near-untouched beauty and occasional guided tours create almost an exclusive experience for our clients. It is very easy to get to the canyon, and it requires little walking from the exit to a parking spot.
Night canyoning

Night Canyoning Bled Lake

Imagine sparkling lights illuminating your way through the mystical canyon. Feel the freshness of the alpine river, cooling your body down after a hot summer day. Warm summer nights are perfect for a night canyoning adventure near Bled. Come with us on Night canyoning and experience a unique adventure of a lifetime. 
Canyoning near Bohinj Lake, enjoying time with family.

Family canyoning Bohinj

Full of beautiful natural slides, this canyon is a perfect place to have fun with your children, teenagers and all those who are afraid of high jumps. The gorge offers a zip-line descent and a few low jumps into crystal-clear water pools and it’s the ideal place to enjoy nature together as a family. 
Extreme canyoning swiming in the water

Extreme Canyoning

For those seeking an adventurous day out in Soča Valley, then Extreme canyoning is the best adrenaline activity that will make you feel alive! It’s a great combination of jumping and sloping downward slides and ropes in a canyon. The crystal clear water in Slovenian canyons is pleasantly fresh and cold, but nevertheless – we offer the thickest neoprene equipment that will keep you warm.

Starting time: 7:00 am

Canyoning Guide Jumping into the Pool, Bohinj Area

Amazing Canyoning Bled

Amazing canyoning Bled is our most popular canyoning adventure, suitable for all those who want to experience an extra pinch of adrenaline. There are several high jumps, the highest being around 10 m high. However, don’t be afraid. Our guides will lower you down with a rope if you don't want to jump.