Zipline in Bovec

Zipline Bovec, Soča

Zipline Bovec - Soča is definitely the most exciting adventure in Slovenia. There are 5 different drops where you will reach different velocities.
Zipline Sava

Zipline Sava

In Sava valley near Bled you can try crossing a river via Zipline. The drop is 500 m long (2x250 m) and 25 m high. You will reach a velocity of 30-40 km/h. Duration: 30 min One way driving time: 10 min
Paragliding Lake Bled And Sourroundings

Unforgettable Paragliding Lake Bled

Paragliding Bled is the best way to experience the natural beauties of the Bled area and other parts of the Gorenjska region from the birds’ perspective. You will fly near and above the famous lake and admire its unique island on one side and the magnificent Bled castle (which looks like it is »keeping an eye« on the lake) on the other side. During the whole flight you will have an amazing view over the highest Slovene mountains; peaks of the Julian Alps, Karavanke Mountains and the Kamnik Savinja Alps. On a very sunny day, the vista opens across the Austrian border.
Hot Air Balloon in Lake Bled

Baloon flight over Bled

Hot air balloon will take you 100 meters high above Lake Bled .While floating in the air you will be slowly moved by the wind and will not feel any breeze in balloon. You get an exceptional feeling of staying still in an absolutely quiet environment. And the best thing - the view over the Bled lake in golden hour is something worth seeing from a bird's perspective.
Bungee jumping Slovenia

Bungee jumping Slovenia

You will take a leap from Solkan bridge. This is one of the most beautiful locations for Bungee Jumping in Slovenia. Meeting point is on the Solkan bridge. Near the bridge, you’ll find a big parking place and a railway station. It’s possible to get there by train from Bled train station. On the Solkan bridge near Nova Gorica is the only Bungee Jumping Center in Slovenia. The bridge is situated close to the town, over the beautiful Soča river. The bridge height is 55 meters. Bungee Jumping is available only on weekends!
Zipline Dolinka in Bled

Zipline Dolinka in Bled

Just a few minutes away from Lake Bled a thrilling zip line adventure is waiting for you. With an adrenaline ride on 5 different cables, you will experience the spectacular bird's view over the Sava river and authentic insight into the forest life.    
Powered Paragliding

Powered Paragliding

Steep slopes, pointy peaks, valleys, gorges, diverse flora and fauna, forests and countryside are the words that truly describe the views that will be explored by you. Your paragliding instructor flies you over Bled Lake, its beautiful island and castle. The activity continues along the Sava River and finishes after 30 minutes.
Paragliding From 1220m

Tandem paragliding in Slovenian Alps

Tandem paragliding flights are a great way to enjoy the full paragliding aerial experience, without having to first learn how to launch and control the paraglider yourself. Our expert tandem pilot will take care of the launch, flight and landing for you! So no license and no experience required. Our experienced team will provide a safe flight using only best-sophisticated equipment to ensure your safety.
Indoor skydiving in Slovenia

Indoor skydiving Logatec

Do you have a bad luck with the weather? Don't worry, try indoor skydiving Logatec. With indoor skydiving, you will get the same feeling as you would free fall from the sky. First, you will learn about some basic techniques of flying and then you will practice flying in a vertical wind tunnel. Instructors are the best coaches in Slovenia.
Tandem skydiving From 4000m

Skydiving From 4000m

The adventure of skydiving in Slovenia begins with a beautiful panoramic flight. Three, two, one, GO and Incredible mixture of feelings overwhelm you during the freefall. As the parachute opens, you are gliding through the clouds and admiring the world from a bird's perspective. Treat yourself to an adventure you will never forget.