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Happy Group of Friends are raising Hands Up at Zelenci Lake, Slovenia

7 Alpine Wonders

Beautiful canyons, waterfalls, emerald rivers, protected plants and animals, diverse forests, and majestic mountains. Sounds like a perfect day away from everyday stress, right? Let us take you on this relaxing adventure in the middle of Triglav National Park. Not only will you be able to explore the breathtaking views of the 7 Alpine wonders, but you will also get the chance to include your favourite adrenaline activity as a cherry on top of this unforgettable day tour.

Starting time: 7:45 am

Extra activities: Since activities are weather/water level dependent, you only need to book a spot on the trip. To book this activity, you only pay a deposit of 13€ for Soča river rafting and 15€ for Zipline Bovec per person. The rest is paid on the spot to the guides.