An essential part of any vacation is deciding how you want to travel around the country once you have arrived there. Some people prefer hiring a rental car, while others are more comfortable using public transportation.

While there are certainly benefits of having your own car on vacation, there is a range of advantages to using public transport. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of using public transportation and offer you helpful information and tips about how to get around northwestern Slovenia and its most visited places, such as Bled, Bohinj, Kranjska Gora, Bovec, and Soča Valley

If you are coming from Ljubljana to Lake Bled, you can read more about transportation from the Ljubljana bus station on this blog.

Reasons to choose public transport Slovenia over a rental car:

  • It’s a socially responsible and sustainable option due to its low pollution level. Most public transport systems are powered by alternative energy sources, which makes them a great option for environmentally conscious travelers.
  • It’s a cheaper alternative than a rental car. You don’t have to pay for gas, maintenance, insurance, or potential breakdowns.
  • You are able to do something else while traveling. You can finish your work assignments, plan what to see and do next, or enjoy the views out of the window or have a good conversation with your traveling buddy.
  • You can meet new interesting people, whether they are travelers or locals. This way, you can connect with other travelers or find helpful information from friendly locals.
  • Public transportation is safe and unstressful. Renting a car and driving in unfamiliar areas can be stressful and lead to safety concerns. Additionally, parking can be challenging in busy tourist areas, and there is usually an extra cost for parking lots.

Although public transportation has many advantages, the schedule for the day or sometimes a week ahead has to be carefully planned. Travelers should always check the latest bus timetable and allow plenty of extra time for any potential delays or changes to the timetable. 

However, by planning ahead and being prepared for potential delays, you can make your day trip by using local buses an unforgettable adventure.

Once you arrive in the Lake Bled area, there are plenty of options to visit Triglav National Park and surrounding areas or have a sightseeing Lake Bled day trip. Let’s explore these options to give you some more information about bus timetables, travel durations, and some of the best locations near Lake Bled that you can easily reach by bus.

Although public transportation has many advantages, the schedule for the day or sometimes a week ahead has to be carefully planned. Travelers should always check the latest bus timetable and allow plenty of extra time for any potential delays or changes to the timetable. 

However, by planning ahead and being prepared for potential delays, you can make your day trip by using local buses an unforgettable adventure.

Once you arrive in the Lake Bled area, there are plenty of options to visit Triglav National Park and surrounding areas or have a sightseeing Lake Bled day trip. Let’s explore these options to give you some more information about bus timetables, travel durations, and some of the best locations near Lake Bled that you can easily reach by bus.


The most common bus company in Slovenia is Arriva. Every bus has air conditioning, so you don’t need to worry about heat or bad air. You can browse for specific bus timetables at their website, Arriva. But it can be challenging to know the exact name of the bus station from where you depart or where you need to arrive.  

Lake Bled main bus station

The most popular station in Bled town is obviously the main bus station. It’s a crossroad for public transit when you visit Lake Bled, where you have plenty of choices to travel with Arriva buses, taking you all over northwestern Slovenia. While waiting for the Bled bus to arrive, you can plan your day trip, treat yourself to the delicious Bled Cream cake by the lake Bled, or take a short walk to Bled Castle, which is the oldest medieval castle in Slovenia. 

You can plan day trips from the Lake Bled bus station to other cities in northwestern Slovenia. The most popular place for a day trip is Bohinj Valley, with Lake Bohinj in the middle. This is where you start hiking for the Seven Lakes Valley, Mount Triglav, or Mostnica Gorge. 

There is also an office at the Bled bus station where you can purchase tickets for a shuttle bus taking you to Bled Gorge. It’s usually fully booked in the summer months, so make sure to plan your visit to Vintgar Gorge in advance.


Plan your departure with a location list of Lake Bled bus stations: 

You don’t need to book the bus tickets in advance at Lake Bled. You hop on a bus, tell the driver where you want to go, and purchase tickets. But be prepared to have some cash with you, preferably in coins, since they don’t accept credit cards and are usually out of change. 


Bohinj Valley attracts tourists from Lake Bled to visit for at least one day. It’s just half an hour of drive before you enter Triglav National Park, and you are rewarded with stunning views of the Julian Alps that surround Lake Bohinj, our largest permanent lake. Lake Bohinj is also one of the best locations to start hiking to the mountains, such as Mount Triglav, Mount Vogel, or the mountains surrounding the Seven Lakes Valley.  

Bohinj describes a name of a valley and a lake at the beginning of Triglav National Park, which is the only national park in Slovenia. If you want to get there by bus, you need to know the names of the towns surrounding Lake Bohinj. Local buses from Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj usually depart every hour. 

Ribčev Laz 

The most popular village in Bohinj Valley is on the eastern side of Lake Bohinj. Here you can stand on a famous bridge with a church behind, walk to the statue of the Golden Horn on the southeast side, or just relax on the many beaches on the northeastern side of Lake Bohinj. 

Stara Fužina 

The oldest historical town of Bohinj will probably leave the best impression on you. Exploring narrow streets and colorful houses surrounded by mountains will take you closer to the Slovenian alpine tradition. 

You can also go on a hiking trip there. 15 minutes walk from the town center, there is a famous Mostnica Gorge, which you can explore in a couple of hours. If you wish to go higher, you can hike up to Vogar mountain hut, where you will be rewarded with amazing views of Lake Bohinj and Lower Bohinj mountain ranges. 


The name literally means “at the end” because people living here used to believe that this was the town at the end of the world. This small village is very nice and calm for a walk by the Lake Bohinj and Sava Bohinjka river, where you can continue hiking right to its source, the famous waterfall Savica. It takes around an hour of easy, peaceful hiking through nature.

Vogel križišče/crossroad

A bus stop at the crossroads of Ukanc and Mount Vogel is where you need to hop off the bus if you want to catch a cable car to reach the top of Mount Vogel. 

Free shuttle bus around Bohinj

During Mayday vacations, from April 26th to May 2nd, and in summer months, from July 1st to August 31st, you have a great opportunity to get around Lake Bohinj and to the Savica waterfall, free of charge. But you must know that the buses only run thrice daily, so planning your day with bus timetables is good.


When you enter Triglav National Park from the eastern side, you come to Pokljuka, the largest mountain plateau in Slovenia, covered with tall and mighty spruce trees. This beautiful region is home to the second-largest forest in Slovenia, offering a peaceful getaway from bustling tourist spots. If you’re looking to escape the crowds and breathe in some fresh air, Pokljuka plateau is the perfect destination for you.

The Julian Alps, including the highest mountain in Slovenia, Mount Triglav, can be accessed from Pokljuka. During the summer months (July 1st – August 31st), there is a free shuttle bus service to help visitors get around. However, please note that the buses only run three times per day, so it’s important to check the bus timetable ahead of time.

If you plan to visit outside of the summer months, unfortunately, no public transport is available to take you to Pokljuka. However, you can still enjoy the many activities offered in this magnificent spruce-tree forest, such as Snowshoeing, Winter hiking, and the Winter Alpine Wonders tour during the winter season. In the spring and autumn, you can explore Pokljuka through our Panoramic Hiking tours.

If you need a transfer to Pokljuka, you can contact us, and we will be happy to arrange one for you. 


Radovljica is a small but picturesque town that offers a rich cultural, historical, and culinary experience:

Numerous viewpoints overlook our crystal-clear Sava River, the Karavanke mountain range, and the forests on the mountain plateau Jelovica.

With a bus, it takes only 15 minutes to drive from Lake Bled to Radovljica. From the bus station, there is only a 5-minute walking path through the park to reach the old town center of Radovljica.

Zelenci springs in Kranjska Gora


Kranjska Gora is a beautiful mountain resort town located in the Julian Alps. It’s a fantastic destination for anyone who loves the great outdoors, stunning scenery, and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. From Kranjska Gora, you can choose to go hiking to the mountaintops, swim in a beautiful Lake Jasna, or stroll around the town, relax by the lake, and enjoy stunning mountain views. 

We recommend making a few stops on the way from Bled to Kranjska Gora. If you love mountain scenery and doing some outdoor sports, we recommend stopping at the following beautiful alpine towns.

Note that for all those directions, you should transfer between two buses at one time. First, you take the bus from your station in Lake Bled and change to another bus in Lesce ŽP, at the opposite bus station. The local buses are frequent, departing approximately every hour. For more information, check the bus timetables on the Arriva website

Mojstrana Dovje

When getting off the bus here, go across the road and follow it down through the bridge over the Sava Dolinka river. You will find yourself in the small town of Mojstrana, a cradle of mountaineering in Slovenia. You can visit The Slovenian Alpine Museum there, and you can also challenge yourself by climbing a via ferrata route. There are two routes next to the Museum: the blue route is easy and the red route is intermediate. You can rent all the necessary equipment in our office or join a Triglav Fairytale Route to reach the top of this famous Grančišče rock. 


Mojstrana is also the beginning point of getting to Peričnik waterfall and Vrata Valley, which opens the doors (“vrata” literally means “a door” in Slovenian language) to our highest mountains, including Mount Triglav with its spectacular north walls.

In order to keep nature intact, there is a free shuttle bus that will safely take you from the Mojstrana bus stop to the Peričnik waterfall all the way to Aljaž mountain hut in Vrata Valley. 


Gozd Martuljek Sp.Rute

This is the bus stop where you get off the bus if you would like to visit a beautiful, refreshing canyon called Hvadnik. But the only way to experience it is by climbing it through a via ferrata route. If you don’t have your own harness, lanyard, and helmet, you can rent a high-quality via ferrata set in our office. From the bus station to the beginning of the path, there is only 10 minutes of walking. You can also choose to join us on a guided Via Ferrata Hvadnik tour.


Gozd Martuljek Zg.Rute

Gozd Martuljek is surrounded by the most spectacular Špik mountain range, so this is a stop where you should get off the bus and enjoy the views. You will have most of the view if you take a short walk back from the bus stop for around 5 minutes to the Triangel Boutique Hotel. This brand-new wooden hotel also offers the best coffee in the region and very delicious, traditional Slovenian food. While enjoying your favorite beverage and dish, you are accompanied by the best views over the Špik mountain range. 

An easy hike through the forest will take you to the amazing Martuljek waterfalls. From Triangel Hotel follow the cycling road through the bridge, at the first crossroads turn left and at the second one turn right. The whole path is marked, so you shouldn’t get lost here. 

In around half an hour, you will reach the Lower Martuljek waterfall, which is 30 meters high. You can continue the path to the 50-meter-high Upper Martuljek waterfall, which is a more demanding path at the end, since you have to climb over some slippery rocks. If you are well-equipped and ready for the challenge, the hike to the upper waterfall will take you an additional hour.

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is mostly known for its winter sports since it has many skiing slopes and mountains. In winter, the town transforms into the most popular place for all types of skiing and sledding. The town attracts hikers and mountain lovers to explore this lively, colorful town full of outdoor sports opportunities in summer

Walk through the town, and continue following the road by the Pišnica river for around 30 minutes, if you want to visit a beautiful lake, Lake Jasna. You can swim in the lake or rent a SUP board. You can also cool off with a refreshing drink or ice cream, take a lunch break, and enjoy the view of the beautiful Julian Alps in the background. 

If you are looking for a good hike, you should follow the road and the river from Lake Jasna to Krnica Valley. On the crossroads, stick to the left path and continue hiking by the Pišnica river. After around 1,5 hours, you will reach a mountain hut in Krnica, with stunning views over the Julian Alps. 

Near Kranjska Gora, just an hour of relaxed hiking to the west through forests, meadows, and villages, you can visit our nature reserve Zelenci. It’s a vivid green scenery with mountains in the background, and it’s a one-of-a-kind source of Slovenia’s longest river Sava. If you want to walk there, go through Podkoren on a walking/cycling path that leads along the main road. You can also take a bus to Podkoren and then hike for only half an hour to reach Zelenci.


Bovec is situated in the picturesque Soča Valley, surrounded by the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park. Bovec is known for its stunning natural beauty, emerald River Soča, and various outdoor activities like hiking, biking, skiing, and water sports. The town itself has a charming atmosphere, with narrow streets, colorful buildings, and traditional architecture.


Getting to Bovec from Lake Bled by bus is possible only in the summer months, from June 25th to August 31st. Keep in mind that there are no direct connections, so you have to change three buses

The first bus takes you from your nearest Lake Bled station to the Lesce ŽP bus station. There you cross the road and switch to the bus to Kranjska Gora. In Kranjska Gora there are only three bus departures daily to take you through Vršič mountain pass to Bovec, so be careful when planning your journey to Bovec. 


On the way to Bovec, you will pass Slovenia’s highest mountain pass, where you can stop at the top and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the mountains surrounding you. If you decide to stop at the top of Vršič mountain pass, you need to plan for the next 6 hours before the next bus comes and takes you to Bovec. 

There is a mountain hut called Tičarjev dom, where you can stop for a good lunch break. There are also a lot of hiking trails beginning in Vršič:

  • The easiest and shortest hike is to the top of Sovna glava. It takes just 30 minutes, and as the top is green and grassy, you can take a nice nap there or just enjoy having quality time in nature with your friends or family. 


  • One of the most beautiful and easily accessible peaks is Slemenova Špica, which you can reach in around 1,5 hours. Probably the best way to spend 6 hours is hiking to Slemenova Špica, relaxing at the top and descending back down, and then having a good, refreshing lunch at Tičarjev dom. 

  • If you are an experienced hiker and climber, and you already have via ferrata equipment packed with you, then you will enjoy climbing the historical, first ferrata route in Slovenia, the Hanzova route to Mala Mojstrovka. The ascent and descent back to Vršič bus stop will take around 4-5 hours. 

Below is a clear example of how you can plan your adventurous day while driving on a bus from Lake Bled to Bovec.   

  • Hop on a bus at the Bled bus station at 8.15 am, get off the bus in Lesce ŽP
  • Cross the road and go on a bus for Kranjska Gora at 8.40 am
  • Arrive at Kranjska Gora at 9.28 and switch to the bus for Vršič at 9.30 am
  • Reach the top of Vršič at 10 am, and choose your favorite hiking plan described above
  • Catch the bus at 4 pm, taking you from Vršič to Bovec
  • Arrive in Bovec at 5.10 pm

Just in case you miss the bus from Vršič at 4 pm, there is another and the last one at 7 pm! If you miss the last bus, you can still sleep over at the mountain hut Tičarjev dom.


When finally arriving in Bovec, there are numerous outdoor activities to do there. You can go wild on Soča river rafting, or explore the river while kayaking so you can admire the gorgeous Soča valley. If water sports are not something you fancy, you can go up in the air and try ziplining from a 1300 meters high mountain or jumping off a plane from 4000 meters.


One of the best options to get a ride to Soča Valley is going canyoning with us! You have the opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful canyons in the region of Soča Valley:

  • Extreme canyoning is situated in Fratarica canyon, with some of the most daring jumps and rappels 
  • Triglav National Park canyoning is the longest canyoning adventure in Slovenia that follows the river of Predelica, with the most stunning views over the western Julian Alps

Public transport in Slovenia can be a fun and adventurous way to explore Slovenia’s greatest sights and sports. You only need a good plan and an appetite for adventure.


Taking a bus allows you to sit back and relax while someone else does the driving. This means you can enjoy observing the landscape, chatting with fellow passengers, or catching up on reading or work. Buses often take routes that go through smaller towns and villages that you may not have seen otherwise. This can give you a unique perspective on a country and its culture. 

So, consider taking a bus on your next trip and see what exciting places and experiences you can discover!   

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