If you have already decided to visit this beautiful alpine town, then you are probably asking yourself:” Where to stay in Lake Bled?” Well, the truth is, there are many places to stay in Lake Bled, but the right choice depends on your wishes, needs and financial budget. The best places to stay in Bled are not limited to a specific location, since the accommodations are being spread all the way from the proximity of Lake Bled to a few more distant streets in the town.

In any case; you will not walk for a long time, as this is a small town. In this article we will present some accommodations that vary by location, services and price. We believe that you will find your desired accommodation in Bled and meanwhile enjoy the beautiful town, small island on the lake and the surrounding countryside.

Bled to Bohinj by car

If you go on a trip with your car, you should know that the Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj road is 30 kilometers long and takes about 40 minutes. On this road you do not have to turn right or left as you drive only straight ahead. In the summer season, this road is slightly more burdened, as it is the only road connecting both cities.

The Bled to Bohinj road starts in the Mlino village, from where you continue driving on the road to Bohinjska Bela. The Sava Bohinjka River will accompany you throughout the ride. Then continue driving through the village of Nomenj. Later you will arrive in a bigger town of Bohinjska Bistrica, where the traffic signs will lead you towards the lake, which is still a few kilometers away.

You should know that the small tourist village of Ribčev Laz is also the first village right next to the lake. If you don’t stay in the village of Ribčev Laz, you can drive along the lake to the Ukanc village, which is only 5 kilometers away. There is also a campsite Zlatorog. From Ukanc, you can take a trip to the beautiful Savica waterfall.

Bled to Bohinj by rent a car

Rent a car is a good choice if you do not have your own car, but would like to enjoy a relaxed drive and at the same time visit other places in the area. You can rent a car in the Europcar office in the city center, on Ljubljanska 7 Street. The branch office is open every day. You can book your car through their website. When booking, you will also see the prices.

Bled to Bohinj by bus

The main bus terminal is located about 600 meters from the city center, only 10 minutes’ walk from the center. At the main terminal, you can choose between different bus companies. On Bled to Bohinj bus route, there is only one line that will take you to the village of Ribčev Laz.

The bus stops at 15 stations, in the villages along the route. Bled to Bohinj bus line runs every day, where buses leave on the hour or less. The ride takes 40 minutes. The last bus that runs on the route between Lake Bohinj to Lake Bled leaves the Ribčev Laz station at 10:10 in the evening. On this website, you can find more detailed information about the schedule. Lake Bohinj to Lake Bled one-way ticket costs 7 euro. All bus companies have almost the same price.

Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj by taxi

You can find taxis in the city center, or you can call on their phone number.

You will have to negotiate for the price, as prices are not published on the website. Otherwise, the prices range from 30 to 40 euros. The advantage of driving with a taxi on the route between Lake Bohinj to Lake Bled is that a taxi will take you right next to the lake, in a very short time.

Bled to Bohinj by train

The train station is located right next to the lake. The train will take you to Bohinjska Bistrica station. In the meantime, the train will stop at two stations, Bohinjska Bela and Nomenj. The train ride takes 20 minutes. You can also take your bike on the train. On the train line between Bled to Bohinj, the train runs seven times a day, starting early in the morning at 04:31.

One-way ticket prices:

  • Regular price: 1,85 euro
  • Children from 6 to 12 years of age: 0,93 euro

The train won’t take you to the village of Ribčev Laz but will stop at Bohinjska Bistrica train station, which is also your last stop. From the train station, you can take a 5-minute walk to the bus station, where buses run on every full hour. It will take you to Ribčev Laz, next to the lake. You can also take a ride to Ukanc, where is the last stop. The ride takes about 10 to 15 minutes and the price of the ticket is 3 EUR.

How to get from Bled to Bohinj by bike?

The total length of the Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj cycling route is 55 kilometers, for which you will spend about 2 hours. The biking trail runs along the asphalted main road, so you need to pay more attention to traffic on the road.

The bicycle route is not too demanding, as it is mostly routed along the plains, except when you arrive in the village of Bitnje. The road sign in Bitnje will direct you to turn right, to the Srednja Vas and the village of Jereka. Then you can expect a 2-kilometer long ascent, with a 10 percent incline. Then you will cycle through the villages of Bohinjska Češnica, Srednja Vas and Stara Fužina, all the way to the lake. If you want to extend your route, you can turn right at Ribčev Laz and continue your journey towards Ukanc and to the Savica waterfall.

If you do not have your bike with you, you can rent it here. Bike rentals are available between 8 am and 8 pm, from Monday to Sunday.

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