Amazing Canyoning Bled

Amazing canyoning Bled is our most popular canyoning adventure that is suitable for all those who want to experience a pinch more of adrenaline. There is more than one high jump, the highest being 10 m. However don't be afraid, if you don't want to jump, our guides will lower you down with a rope.


Duration: 2 - 4 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

One way driving time: 20 min (Bled)

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Do you like adrenalin sports?
• Would you like to experience adrenalin on the water?
• Do you wish to experience a 10-meter jump or being repelled down with a rope?
• Wish to see amazing wonders of nature?
• Have you ever swum in clean green water?

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Marvellous canyoning Bohinj and Bled

Bled is known for its marvellous lake of the same name, Lake Bled, which is a major tourist attraction with its small island in the middle. Otherwise Bled is also known for many sports activities, such as golf, fishing, hiking through the Triglav national park and to the top of the Triglav mountain itself and of course it is the perfect destination for everyone who enjoys canyoning.

Join us on an amazing canyoning tour and explore the intact nature in the riverbed of a wild Alpine river. For canyoning, Bled is in the ideal location, with the rivers Jerečica and Grmečica which can be explored almost only by canyoning.

An anecdote tells that Turks, the mighty conquerors, turned around when they were trying to invade the Bohinj area, because they thought it was the end of the world. Legend also says that Turks turned around at the village named Obrne (eng. Turn) which is situated at the entrance to the Bohinj valley. The most interesting tourist activity in Bohinj is alpinism and hiking or cycling around the nearby hills and mountains. Lately, canyoning Bohinj has become a very popular tourist attraction too, because it enables you to enjoy it intact and pure clean nature of Triglav national park.

Amazing canyoning Bled and marvellous canyoning Bohinj are our most popular adventures, suitable for anybody, because we make sure that everybody is equipped with all necessary gear for safety. With this wonderful tour, you can be totally relaxed and enjoy an experience with a pinch of adrenaline. There is more than one high jump, the highest being 10 m. However, don't be afraid, if you don't want to jump, our guides will lower you down with a rope.

Duration: 2 – 4 hours
Price: 60,00 €

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  • during canyoning Bled or canyoning Bohinj you will notice that the water in the canyon is pretty cold, so it's highly recommended that you’re suitably dressed;
  • The Altitude activities agency offers the thickest and brand-new neoprene equipment and all other necessary equipment that will keep you warm and enable you to have a truly enjoyable adventure of canyoning;
  • our guides are all very experienced and because of their knowledge you will receive from them all the instructions you need, so that you will be able to enjoy your adventure more than 100 %;
  • with us, you will also be able to enjoy the wonders of the nearby intact nature and its amazing creations;
  • on your wish, we can make beautiful photos, so that you will never forget the adventure you were enjoying through all the canyons, waterfalls and gorgeous natural pools;


  • all instructors are licensed lifeguards and experienced canyoning guides, so you don’t have to worry for your safety;
  • we will equip you with brand new equipment which will make you feel safer and even more motivated to fully take advantage of the opportunity;


  • when you are joining the outdoor adventure, you must know that nature can be very unpredictable, but don't worry, we will take care of you;
  • because there are no guarantees that the weather will hold until the end of the adventure, in the event of being interrupted by heavy rain or other unfavorable weather conditions you will be offered an alternative activity or full money refund;


Me and two buddies went to try out the canyoning Bled and then also the canyoning Bohinj experience and it was an unforgettable adventure for which we will never regret to spend money on. Our guide showed us the extremely pure and pristine nature and we were able to enjoy the magical views which we believe can only be experienced in this part of the world. The instructions provided by our guide were excellent and came just at the right time and he totally understood how to take on the canyon in a safe manner and ensured that everyone thoroughly enjoyed their experience (Tynan M, 25, Belgium).


  • everything included: transport, neoprene suit, canyoning shoes, harness and a helmet;
  • what you need to bring: goodwill, swimsuit, towel and a bottle of water;
  • safety requirements: this activity is not recommended for people with heart issues or pregnant women, in case of any health issues it is recommended to consult with our guides
  • minimal height: 120 cm

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