1. Kozjak Waterfall

Above the emerald river Soča, in a narrow gorge of Kozjak stream, hides one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. The 15 meters high waterfall Veliki Kozjak attracts many hikers exploring the nature of Triglav National Park. Nestled in a charming forest, just a half hour’s walk from the historic town of Kobarid, Kozjak Waterfall is a must-see for anyone looking for a truly incredible experience of Slovenian nature. The easy hike through the charming forest will lead you along the river Soča, crossing it with a small wooden bridge. The paths leading to the waterfall are well-maintained, which makes the hike perfect for families with children.

Hike the waterfall Kozjak:

  • Starting point: Kobarid (220 m) 
  • Destination: Big Kozjak Waterfall (250 m)
  • Walking time: 25 minutes 
  • Difficulty: easy, marked path
  • Altitude difference: 30 m 
  • Altitude difference along the path: 50 m 
  • Entrance fee:  Adults 4€ / Children from 7-14 years 2€ / Family 10€
  • Opening hours:
  • 1 July – 15 August: 8.30-20
  • 1 September – 1 July: 8.30-19
  • Recommended equipment (summer): helmet, trekking or hiking boots, light rain jacket

Access: From Tolmin or Bovec, drive to Kobarid, then follow the direction of Drežnica (the road junction is on the Kobarid bypass). Continue over the Soca River bridge, immediately turn left after the bridge, and park in the car park next to the road.

Description of the route: From the car park, continue along the road, then turn left onto a wide tourist path towards Kozjak Waterfall. The path initially leads us over the meadow, then passes through a strip of forest, which gets very close to the Soca River. The path then turns right and, in a gentle ascent, leads us to the bridge over the stream Kozjak from which we can see the Small Waterfall Kozjak (possibility of descent under the waterfall). We continue to the right, and the path, which runs through the forest, will bring us to the stream in a few minutes of further walking. The path then ascends along a well-maintained and secure path, taking us to the waterfall’s viewpoint in a few minutes of further walking.

Waterfall Kozjak Slovenia

2. Waterfall Savica 

A waterfall at the end of the world, as locals like to say. Savica is located in a small village Ukanec (which in English translation means the end), southwest of Lake Bohinj. The mysterious 78 m high waterfall is the source of Slovenian poetry’s inspiration and a place for many mythological stories. Not only that, but also its majestic beauty is the reason for many hikers wandering to that place. 

The waterfall’s source comes from the high mountains of the Julian Alps up from the valley of Triglav lakes. Flowing through the karst cave, it springs out from the steep walls of Komarča. The original cave contains many water siphons and underground lakes, attracting professional explorers. Access to the waterfall is possible in all seasons through a maintained forest path.

  • Starting point: Koča pri Savici (653 m)
  • Destination: Savica Waterfall (794 m)
  • Walking time: 20 min
  • Difficulty: easy, marked path
  • Altitude difference: 141 m
  • Altitude difference along the route: 141 m
  • Recommended equipment (summer): 
  • Hiking boots, sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle, lightweight rain jacket, snacks
  • Recommended equipment (winter):
  • Hiking boots, insulated jacket, warm hat, gloves, sunglasses, water bottle, snowshoes, avalanche safety equipment

Access: From the Ljubljana – Jesenice motorway (A2), you turn off at the Lesce exit (3) and follow the road towards Bled and Bohinjska Bistrica. You continue the journey towards Lake Bohinj (Ribčev Laz), at which you arrive at a crossroads, where you continue straight ahead on the left (south) side of the lake towards Ukanc and the Savica waterfall. You follow this increasingly narrow road to the large car park at the Savica cottage. The car park is payable.

Description of the route: You follow the marked tourist path toward the waterfall from the car park. The path leads you to a crossroads after two minutes of walking. You turn right onto the path that goes over a stone bridge. On the other side of the bridge, the path starts to climb stairs primarily. As it is a tourist path, it is protected in some places with a fence. After 20 minutes of walking, you arrive at a wooden house with a beautiful view of the waterfall.

3. Waterfalls Big and Small Martuljek

The picturesque alpine resort of Kranjska Gora, nestled in the upper Savska region, is home to two breathtaking natural wonders – Lower and Upper Martuljek Waterfall. The cascading falls are situated beneath the mountains of the Martuljek group, crowned by the majestic peak of Špik. The Upper Martuljek waterfall plunges down the vertical wall from 110 meters into the Martuljek gorge. Although the hike to the top is a bit more strenuous and is recommended only for experienced hikers, its equally beautiful brother waterfall at 50 meters is easily accessible and well worth a visit. Springtime is the perfect season to marvel at the beauty of the Martuljek waterfalls in all its glory.

  • Starting point: Martuljek Forest (750 m)
  • Destination: Lower Martuljek Waterfall (850 m)
  • Walking time: 30 minutes
  • Difficulty: light marked path
  • Altitude difference: 100 m
  • Altitude difference along the route: 100 m
  • Recommended equipment (summer): helmet
  • Recommended equipment (winter): helmet, ice axe, crampons

Access: From Mojstrana, you drive towards Kranjska Gora or vice versa, only to the village of Gozd-Martuljek, where you park at the car park near the bridge over the Savo Dolinko River (the car park is located after the bridge or before if you come from Kranjska Gora).

Description of the path: From the car park, you continue along the main road towards Kranjska Gora, only to the place where a cycling path branches off to the left (at the beginning of the cycling path, there are also mountain signs that guide you to the abovementioned road). You follow the cycling path to the first intersection, where you continue straight onto the gravel road (the cycling path turns right), which quickly takes you to the next intersection.

You continue right and follow the road closed to traffic to the TNP table. Further on, the path splits in two. You go to the left path, which takes you to a bridge crossing the river. Immediately after the bridge, you turn right into the Martuljek gorge. The path ahead is exposed to falling stones, so it is best to wear a helmet. The path continues to climb gently along the river upstream. Then it begins to climb steeply with the help of stairs under the wall. A few steps ahead, the path takes you to another bridge with a nice view of the Lower Martuljek waterfall.

4. Slap Peričnik 

Vrata Valley is (as the name translates) the doors to the Julian Alps. However, the road through the valley to the foot of Mount Triglav hides one of the most fascinating natural alpine wonders- the Peričnik waterfall. This majestic waterfall, which drops 52 meters, is one of the highest waterfalls in Slovenia and is protected as a natural heritage. It is a world landmark, offering the unique experience of walking behind the waterfall. Therefore, you can experience refreshment in the summertime and witness spectacular frozen form in the winter. The waterfall is accessible in all seasons and can be an excellent idea for a family trip combined with other natural wonders in proximity.

  • Starting point: Koča pri Peričniku (750 m)
  • Destination: Pericnik Waterfall – Lower Waterfall (800 m)
  • Walking time: 10 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy marked path
  • Elevation difference: 50 m
  • Elevation difference along the route: 50 m
  • Recommended equipment (summer): hiking boots, light rain jacket
  • Recommended equipment (winter): ice axe, crampons

Access: You leave the Gorenjska motorway at the Hrušica exit and follow the road towards Kranjska Gora. Just before the village of Dovje, a road branches off to the left, leading to Mojstrana (Vrata, Kot, and Krma). You follow the road in the direction of the Vrata Valley and drive to the parking lot near Peričnik Falls.

Description of the route: From the car park, you take a footpath leading up the right bank of Peričnik (left side). The path climbs steeply through the forest, and after about 10 minutes of walking, it brings you to the viewpoint of the lower Peričnik.

5. Waterfall Boka 

Visiting the majestic Boka Waterfall will take your breath away! Located in the highlands of Kanin Mountain, the highest ski resort in Slovenia, this 144-meter tall and 18-meter wide waterfall is the most watery in Slovenia. You can watch the waters come to the surface on a rock shelf and then plunge 106 meters, followed by a 30-meter deep plunge. This powerful waterfall is incredibly photogenic in spring and autumn when the snow melts and there is more extensive rainfall. Not only the natural beauty, the waterfall also have a mythological story behind its creation, which you will get to know once visiting.  To visit the waterfall there are three hiking paths leading up to the waterfall. The most recommendable is the one to the viewpoint suitable also for families. 

  • Starting point: Most Boka (400 m)
  • Destination: Slap Boka (680 m)
  • Name of the route: to the viewpoint
  • Walking time: 40 min
  • Difficulty: easy, marked path
  • Altitude difference: 280 m
  • Altitude difference along the route: 300 m
  • Recommended equipment (summer): hiking boots/sports shoes, a light rain jacket.
  • Recommended equipment (winter): ice axe, crampons

Access: From Bovec, you drive to Kobarid or vice versa. Before the Boka bridge (from the direction of Kobarid after the bridge), there is a parking lot where you park.

Description of the route: From the start, you first walk to the bridge, with a beautiful view of the Boka waterfall. You continue to the other side of the bridge, then turn right onto a wide path in the direction of Boka. You follow the wide path for a few steps, then the signs for the Boka viewpoint guide you left onto a gradually steeper footpath. The path initially climbs through the forest, then after about 20 minutes, it brings you to the edge of the panoramic and sometimes sheer ridge. You continue the ascent on the ridge’s left side steeply uphill. Higher, the path retreats to the left of the ridge and continues through the sparse forest. A few minutes higher, the path approaches the ridge again and brings you to a crossroads, where you continue right towards the Boka viewpoint. From the crossroads, you reach the viewpoint above in a few steps, from which you have a beautiful view of the Boka waterfall.

6. Waterfall Rinka

The Logarska Valley in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps is one of Europe’s most stunning alpine glacier valleys, boasting numerous waterfalls, such as the majestic 90-meter-high Rinka waterfall. Rinka is renowned for its beauty and is a highly visited waterfall in Slovenia. It begins as the Črna Spring on the journey through Logar Valley and later merges with the Savinja River, making it the river’s first source. Along the way to Okrešelj, one can spot smaller steps above the waterfall’s cascading water. Rinka is a popular tourist destination during the summer, making it one of Slovenia’s most stunning Alpine gems. The waterfall is at its most potent in spring and autumn. Below the waterfall is a viewpoint called Orlovo Gnezdo (eagle nest), which is the perfect destination for hikers to observe the waterfall. 

  • Starting point: Hut under Rinka Waterfall (1024 m)
  • Destination: Eagle’s Nest (Rinka Waterfall) (1120 m)
  • Walking time: 15 min
  • Difficulty: easy, marked path
  • Altitude difference: 96 m
  • Altitude difference along the way: 96 m
  • Recommended equipment (summer):
  • Recommended equipment (winter): hiking boots, warm clothing, winter hat, gloves, sunglasses, sun protection cream, water bottle

Access: You can access the source by driving to Luče from either Mozirje or Kranjski rak and then turning left at the crossroads towards Logarska Dolina (remember to pay the toll). Follow the road until you reach the car park at the Rinka waterfall, where you can park your car.

Description of the route: From the car park, you take a wide tourist path that begins to climb gently. After about ten minutes of walking, you leave the forest and reach a crossroads. You turn right and climb up the many steps to Eagle’s Nest, from which there is a beautiful view of the waterfall.

7. Waterfall Virje

The Virje Waterfall is a stunning natural gem, the perfect spot for nature lovers, romantics, and photographers to capture and admire. On a summer’s day, the turquoise pool beneath the foamy falls of the Glijun stream, fed by the underground waters of the Kanin Mountains, glitters invitingly in the sunshine. Although the view of the 17-meter-high waterfall is mesmerizing, swimming in the pool is strictly prohibited due to the icy coldness of the water. To experience the beauty of the Virje Waterfall, take a short hike through the enchanting forest, where well-marked paths will lead you further to the source of Glijun creek and the accumulation lake Plužna. Soak in the picturesque views and be mesmerized by the wonder of nature.

  • Starting point: Plužna (450 m)
  • Destination: Virje Waterfall (400 m)
  • Walking time: 10 min
  • Difficulty: easy, marked trail
  • Elevation difference: -50 m
  • Elevation change along the way: -50 m
  • Recommended equipment (summer):
  • Recommended equipment (winter):

Access: First, drive to the center of Bovec, where you turn uphill, past the church, towards Kanin Village. You follow the road, and it soon brings you to a crossroads, where you turn left downhill towards Plužna village (straight is the road to Kanin). The road then brings you to Plužna village, where you turn sharply right uphill in the middle of the village. The road then brings you to the last house in the village, where the road begins to descend, and after 100m, it brings you to the signposts, where you park in a small parking lot nearby. 

Description of the route: From the starting point, you first walk to the crossroads, where you continue left toward the Virje waterfall (straight is the Glijuna source and the Srnica cave). The wide path, which then descends gently, brings you to the next crossroads after a few minutes of walking, where you continue steeply downhill. You then follow this quite steep path to the Virje waterfall, which you reach after a few minutes of further walking.

8. Waterfall Šumnik

In the embrace of the green forest and wine hills of Mariborsko Pohorje, slap Šumink is not far from the northwest Slovenian city of Maribor. The Lobnica River, on its journey from Pohorje to the Drava Valley, meanders through an awe-inspiring gorge, traversing two beautiful waterfalls – Veliki and Mali Šumik. The 9-meter waterfall flows in a protected, intact Šumik forest, and the area is filled with deciduous trees. The gorge is steep and wild, with damp rocks covered in moss. Therefore, the hike to the waterfalls is quite challenging, sure to delight all who seek the pristine beauty of nature. 

  • Starting point: Bajgot (1050 m)
  • Destination: Veliki Šumik Waterfall (950 m)
  • Walking time: 20 minutes
  • Difficulty: difficult, marked path
  • Altitude difference: -100 m
  • Altitude difference along the path: -100 m
  • Recommended equipment (summer): helmet
  • Recommended equipment (winter): helmet, ice axe, crampons

Access: From Maribor or Dravograd, you drive to Selnica ob Dravi, from where you continue the journey towards the village of Ruše. In Ruše, you continue to the right and then left in the direction of Smolnik. The ascending road soon brings you to the village and only a few kilometers further to the crossroads, where you continue to the left towards the Šumik waterfall. You then follow the road for another 100m to the parking lot above the Šumik waterfalls.

Description of the route: From the parking lot, you take an initially wide pedestrian path toward the Little and Big Šumik. After a few steps, a signboard warns you that you will continue on a steep and slippery path (mandatory hiking shoes). The path then crosses the Lobnica River and gradually begins to descend. You continue to descend along a path that becomes increasingly steep and partly guarded. As you get very close to the Big Šumik, the path takes you over the most challenging part of the route. With the help of a steel cable, you descend a short steep wall, then cross steep slopes, mostly without protection. The path then leads you to a place with a sign (from here, you can already see the waterfall nicely). This is followed by a steep descent to a beautiful viewpoint at the waterfall.

Last but not least

Slovenia is blessed with an abundance of cascading wonders. With over 150 waterfalls spread across all 12 Slovenian regions, you will be spoilt for choice when finding the most beautiful falls! The Upper Carniolan and North Primorska regions are home to the most waterfalls, with a dozen reaching over 100 meters fall. Some of these waterfalls can be explored through canyoning for the more adventurous. The Grmečica waterfall on the way from Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj and the Parabola waterfall of the Fratarica stream in the village of Log pod Mangartom are great candidates for a thrilling canyoning experience. If you’re more of a traditionalist, however, you can hike along one of the many forest or mountain paths leading to these spectacular falls. So, whether you’re an adventurous explorer or a more traditional hiker, Slovenia has plenty of waterfalls to discover. Make sure to pack your hiking shoes and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

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