If you have booked accommodation and are staying for a few days in the Slovenian capital, then you have an excellent opportunity to visit other wonderful places in the country in addition to the capital, as Ljubljana day trips in all directions are less than two hours away. This is also a known feature in Slovenia, as you can make an early morning excursion to visit some of Slovenia’s best sights and return to the capital in the evening.

Day trips from Ljubljana represent an excellent opportunity for everyone who hasn’t arrived by car, as the main train terminal and bus station are located in the capital’s center with regular routes across Slovenia. Below are some ideas for day trips from Ljubljana, including journeys for adrenaline and sports enthusiasts, family excursions and tours to the most famous sightseeing spots that are a real eye-catcher and intrigue all senses.

1. Day trip from Ljubljana to Skocjan Caves and Lipica Stud Farm

A day trip from Ljubljana to Skocjan Caves is something special as here you will see a unique karstic natural phenomenon, which is also protected under the World Natural Heritage. The Skocjan Caves Regional Park is like an open-air museum, offering experiences underground, but also along the paths of the beautiful karstic landscape.

When you arrive at the Information Center, you can buy tickets for two different tours. On their website, you can book your tickets in advance so that you don’t have to wait in line.

A guided group tour through the underground canyon leads you into the impressive karst underworld with breathtaking cave halls and ravines. The largest underground canyon in the world is the most beautiful to see. On the path through the cave, you can also admire dripstones in various forms, organs made of karst limestone and waterfalls in the cave halls. There is also a stunning 15-meter high stalagmite and a fossil passage.

You can also go on a following the Reka River to the underground tour. Especially impressive is the large stone bridge under which the karst river flows and disappears into the ground. You can also go on a two-kilometer long circuit education trail around Skocjan Caves for which there is no entrance fee.

Along the route, you will see from the top-down an unusual karst phenomenon, such as the Velika and Mala collapse dolines. You can also make a stop at J’kopin barn and Jurjev barn to see an ethnological collection about the history of Skocjan Caves.

How to get there?

If you will go on a day trip from Ljubljana to Skocjan Caves by car, then after 80 kilometers of driving on the Primorska highway you make a turn at the Divača exit and then drive towards Matavun village, where the park is located. You can also get there by bus or train. Get off at the train and bus station in Divača, from where you can reach the regional park by:

  • renting a bike at the station
  • driving on a free bus that takes you to the park
  • going on a 40-minute hiking trail through the Dolnje Ležeče village
Skocjan Caves
Lipica parade horse

Day trips from Ljubljana to Lipica Stud farm

Ljubljana day trips are also exciting because you can combine two sightseeing tours and visit both in one day. So, if you have seen Skocjan Caves, you can drive to the world-famous Lipica Stud Farm that is only 15 kilometers or 20 minutes away. You can also get there from the capital by train or bus. Get off at the Divača station and transfer to a free bus line that will take you to the Lipica Stud Farm entrance.

Day trips from Ljubljana to Lipica Stud Farm Park offer you an enjoyable experience as here it is a cradle of the world-renowned white Lipizzaner horses with a 400-year tradition of horse breeding. It is also one of the oldest stud farms in the world.

Here you can see classical riding school performance and a museum collection of vintage carriages or you can relax and enjoy in a horse-drawn carriage, where coachmen and elegant Lipizzaner’s will take you through the beautiful karst landscape and centuries-old avenues in the Lipica Stud Farm Park.

2. Day trips from Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj and Savica Waterfall

Lake Bohinj is an amazing place for exploring the beautiful alpine nature in the heart of the Triglav National Park. The largest permanent glacial lake in Slovenia offers many possibilities for outdoor activities and is a paradise for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

There are many hiking trails in the area with high mountains, mountain pastures, and mountain cabins. Day trips from Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj are ideal for taking a boat tour throughout the lake, stand-up paddling and canoeing. During summer the lake is a popular bathing place with a lakefront, volleyball courts, and bars by the lake.

High mountain range above Lake Bohinj

If you would like to discover the highlands of Triglav National Park, you can join us on hiking in seven Triglav Lakes valley tour. This hiking trail runs across the high mountain valley above Lake Bohinj and leads to higher altitudes with views of the peaks of the Julian Alps.

With a guide, you will hike across meadows, forests and overcome the altitude difference while discovering all seven stunning Triglav Lakes with breathtaking colors. Hiking tour lasts almost all day, so it might be worth not to return to the capital that evening, but spend the night in one of the campsites next to Lake Bohinj, the Zlatorog camp in Ukanc village or Danica camp in Bohinjska Bistrica.

Rock climbing in Bohinjska Bela

You can upgrade day trips from Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj with an adrenaline sport in the rock walls in Bohinjska Bela, that is only a few kilometers away from the lake. Here you can book an outdoor activity for natural rock-climbing wall experience, where you will get all the climbing equipment and together with an instructor you will choose the most suitable rock-climbing route. Bohinjska Bela rock climbing routes have different levels of difficulty with different heights, from 8 to 33 meters.

Ridge at very top of mountain Triglav
Savica Waterfall in Bohinj

Day trips from Ljubljana to Savica Waterfall

One of the best day trips from Ljubljana is to visit the 78-meter high Savica Waterfall, which is one of the most beautiful and most visited waterfalls in Slovenia. The unique feature of the waterfall is that the water in two strands drops into an emerald green pool and creating stunning scenery. If you would like to see Savica Waterfall and other natural gems around the lake, you can book a guided Bohinj tour. On a tour you will also visit:

  • Vogel ski center with a cable car ride from Ukanc village
  • Mostnica gorges and waterfalls
  • Pokljuka plateau with breathtaking views

Savica Waterfall is located at the upper end of the Lake Bohinj valley, near the village of Ukanc. When you reach the viewing platform, you can also see one part of the lake down in the valley. The road from Ribčev Laz will lead you to the Savica Waterfall parking lot.

In the town don’t turn right across the bridge, but follow the road on the south side of the lake. You can find full information about the transport connections for day trips from Ljubljana to Savica Waterfall and Bohinj on this link. Here you will find information on how to get there by car, train, and bus.

3. Ljubljana to Piran day trip with a visit to Sečovlje Salt Pans

Ljubljana to Piran day trip is an excellent opportunity for taking a short break on the Slovenian coast in a romantic town with a rich cultural heritage. Former saltern and fishing town is like an open-air museum with the conservation of historic buildings dating back to the Middle Ages and the era of the former Venetian Republic.

The romantic architectural design of the city with narrow, winding and cobblestone streets stands on the cape and stretches into the Adriatic Sea. The Mediterranean climate and relaxed atmosphere give a unique charm to the seaside town.

It seems that every street and every house in Piran has its own story and historical value. Walk to the hill above the city, where stands the Cathedral of St. George and the Bell Tower, to which you can climb and admire the views of the entire bay. For even more spectacular views, you can climb the medieval Walls of Piran with defense towers. From the top, the views open to the lighthouse on the cape and to the Italian and Croatian coast on the other side. In Piran, you can also visit other sights, such as:

  • Tartini’s birth house and Tartini main square
  • Minorite monastery
  • Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum
  • Aquarium
  • Baroque and Venetian House
  • Apollonio Palace

How to get there?

If you are going by car from the capital to the Slovenian coast, you need to find an exit for Koper or the Primorska highway. When in Koper, follow the sign for Portorož. The drive will take you 1:30 hour or 120 kilometers. When you arrive in Piran, you have to park your car in a parking garage, as traffic is not allowed in the city.

You can take a Ljubljana to Piran day trip by bus, which runs daily from the main station. If you decide to travel by train, you will need to get off at the Koper train station, since this is the last stop. You can go to Piran with an intercity bus, which runs every 30 minutes.

Tartini Square
Secovlje Saltpans Natural Park

Day trips from Ljubljana to Sečovlje Salt Pans

You can combine the best day trips from Ljubljana to the Slovenian coast with a visit to Piran and Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, which is only a few kilometers away. In one of the last salt pans in the Mediterranean, the salt is still manually obtained by traditional methods. The preserved park is located before the Croatian border. You can get there from Piran by a rented bike, by taxi or by bus. Taxi and bus depart from the main station in the town center.

When you arrive at the entrance, you will have to pay an entrance fee to see the regional park or arrange a guided tour. You can observe traditional salt production, visit the Museum of Salt-Making and buy a world-class fleur de sel (flower of salt), a unique product of the salt pans. Especially interesting is the observation of many autochthonous and endangered species of birds that have found a home in the park.

4. Day trip from Ljubljana to Soca Valley with a visit to Kozjak Waterfall

A day trip from Ljubljana to Soca valley will take you to the beautiful alpine valley, just below the Julian Alps. The valley with the villages of Bovec, Kobarid, and Tolmin is world-famous for its crystal clear Soča River that will enchant you with its emerald green color.

The queen of Slovenian rivers creates a picturesque landscape with gorges, canyons, and waterfalls. Standing on the stone bridges, you can see the Big and Small Soča Gorges with steep walls that are a few hundred meters long and ten meters wide. Soča Valley is also known for being a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

How to get there?

If you are traveling to the Soča Valley by car, you can take two different routes. The first route runs on the Primorska highway to the Razdrto junction. From here, drive on the regional road towards Nova Gorica. In Nova Gorica, turn towards Kanal na Soči. When you arrive in Soča Valley you will first reach Tolmin, then Kobarid and finally Bovec.

You can also take a ride on the Gorenjska highway to Kranjska Gora and across the Vršič mountain pass to Bovec. You can also get there by:

  • Bus: buses to Bovec depart twice a day
  • Train: the nearest train station is located in Most na Soči, and from there you need to get to Bovec by bus. The train departs on every 2 hours from the train terminal in Ljubljana.


Experience the Soča River and book your place on the Soča River kayaking tour. Together with your guide, you will go down on the most beautiful section of the river, rowing down from Čezsoča gravel-bed rivers to Srpenica or Boka, where the famous Boka Waterfall is located below the Kanin high mountain range. On a kayak will you experience a pristine river with white pebble beaches, canyons, gorges, and emerald green river pools.

Emerald kayaking Slovenia three kayakers on Soča river.
Caught in action rafting in Slovenia on Soca river.


You can make time for a day trip from Ljubljana to Soca valley and go on an exciting rafting adventure on an Emerald Beauty. Book the Soča river rafting tour and go down the rapids in a group and with a guide. You will start the rafting tour near Bovec village, where on the upper section of the river you will paddle on calmer waters while passing by emerald river pools and small gorges. Then the most adventurous part of the rafting tour begins, as you start paddling on fast rapids and winding between the rocks.

Day trips from Ljubljana to Kozjak Waterfall

If you have already seen the Big and Small Soča Gorges in the Upper Soča Valley, you can extend your journey to visit the famous Kozjak Waterfall, located near the Kobarid historical trail. If you drive from Bovec to Kobarid, it will take you about 20 minutes. The 18 meters high Kozjak Waterfall is a real eye-catcher as it hides in a canyon with steep walls where water drops into the emerald green pool.

Since best day trips from Ljubljana are unforgettable experiences, you can also jump from the top of Kozjak Waterfall by joining us for the ultimate Soča canyoning adventure with experienced guides. On a canyoning tour, you will have the opportunity to jump from 10 to 18 meters high walls into crystal clears pools, rappel down narrow walls and slide on natural water tunnels, surrounded by smaller waterfalls in deep Kozjak caverns.

5. Day trip to Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

Day trip to Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle is an excellent opportunity to combine sightseeing tours of the two most famous sights in Slovenia in one day, as the cave is only a few kilometers away from the castle. Also, you can reserve entrance fees on their website or buy them at the ticket office. There is a special offer when you can buy a combo ticket and visit both sights or other attractions in the Postojna Cave Park.

Postojna Cave

Day trips from Ljubljana will also take you to world-renowned tourist spots such as Postojna Cave, which has been visited by over 40 million guests over the last two hundred years. With its 24 kilometers, it is also the most extensive cave system in Slovenia.

A great feature of Postojna Cave is that you take a ride to the magical underground with a unique miniature electric train. After a four-kilometer drive, you get off a train and continue the guided tour on foot. The underworld will impress you with stalagmites, stalactites, and other cave formations with the standing out 5-meter tall dripstone pillar named Brilijant, which fascinates with its shiny white and silver color.

A special feature is also the cave hall, which hosts many musical concerts, as it has outstanding acoustic characteristics. At the end of the tour, you will be able to see the Olm, the world-famous resident in the Postojna Cave. The 30 centimeters long human fish lives only in this part of the world. To find out more about the Olm, you can visit the Proteus Cave with Vivarium, which, in addition to EXPO Cave Karst, is also a big attraction in the Park.

Predjama castle in Postojna

Predjama Castle

If you have already seen the Postojna Cave, you can extend your day trip from Ljubljana and visit Predjama Castle that is only 9 kilometers away from Postojna Cave. During the summer months, a regular bus line is set up, when a free shuttle bus will take you from the park to the parking lot near the castle.

The unconquerable and romantic Predjama Castle is listed in the Guinness World Records as the largest cave castle in the world and as the only completely preserved cave castle in the world. The Predjama Castle is perched in the middle of a 123-meter high cliff and stands above the Cave under the Predjama Castle, which is also open for sightseeing tours. The castle has a long and rich history with noble knights, Turkish invasions and medieval warfare. Inside the castle, you can see the valuable collection of medieval objects.

How to get there?

If you are going from Ljubljana by car for a day trip to Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle, go on the Primorska highway and after 40 minutes’ drive or 48 kilometers, take the Postojna exit. It will take you another 10 minutes to get there from the city. You can also get there by:

  • Bus: buses depart every day at every hour from the capital’s main station. The ride takes about an hour. Since the bus station is two kilometers away from Postojna Cave, you can get there on foot or by free shuttle bus, which runs from the city center in the summer. Visit this site for more information about timetables and departures.
  • Train: trains depart every day at every hour from the capital’s main terminal. The journey takes about an hour. The train station is about 4 kilometers away from Postojna Cave so you can go there by taxi or by free shuttle bus. Visit this site for more information on train timetables.

6. Ljubljana to Lake Bled trip with tours in the surrounding area

The town of Bled is one of the most popular destinations for Ljubljana day trips, as the alpine town with its surroundings offers many attractions worth visiting. The lake with a small island in the middle gives this place a unique charm, especially if you take a ride to an island with a wooden traditional pletna boat.

When you arrive on the island, make sure to ring the Bell of desire at St. Mary’s Church. Legend has it that all your wishes will be fulfilled. The island with the church gets its charm with wedding ceremonies. Particularly fascinating is the scene when, according to folk tradition, the groom carries the bride across the stone steps to the church.

You can also take a walk by the lakeshore or ride with fijakerji, the traditional open carriages, which will also take you to the mighty Bled Castle, standing on a high cliff. From here, views will open to the lake with an island, the entire city, and the surrounding alpine landscape. Inside the castle, you can see a rich collection of objects from the Middle Ages.

In one of the best restaurants in Bled or the charming cafes by the lake, you can also enjoy and taste the traditional cream cake, also called kremšnita. Day trips from Ljubljana will also lead you to the famous Vintgar Gorge, just a few kilometers away from the town of Bled. Here you will walk along wooden footbridges and observe the impressive gorges formed by the emerald green Radovna River.

How to get there?

Since Bled is one of the most tourist-visited towns in Slovenia, there are several transfer connections available. If you go on Ljubljana to Lake Bled trip by car, then take the route on the Gorenjska highway. After 50 kilometers you turn at the Bled and Lesce exit, and from here it is another 10 minutes’ drive to the town’s center. The whole journey by car takes about 40 minutes.

You can also go there by train or bus that departs from the main station in the capital city. Trains and buses operate daily, departing on nearly every hour. The bus drives you to the bus station in Bled, which is a 5 to 10-minute walk away from the center. The train will take you to the station next to the lakeshore, but you have to transfer to a different train in Jesenice. More information about the transport options you can find on this link.

Wooden Bridges in Vintgar Gorge
Paragliding Lake Bled from a bird view

Day trips from Ljubljana to beautiful spots in the Bled area

When you arrive in Bled, we invite you to stop by at our Altitude Activities office in the heart of the town and enquire about tours around Bled. We offer various excursions and sports activities that you can also check on our website.

If you would like to discover the hidden and beautiful corners in the Triglav National Park, we are the right address for that. You can also extend Ljubljana to Lake Bled trip and join us for a full day of exploring the Julian Alps. However, if you have only one day available, we invite you to book the following activities near Bled:

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